HPPE Seminars 2013-4

  •  Room: EAS.E.168
  • Time: 1-3 pm 



9 October

Please note this seminar is in St Clements Building - STC.S221

  • Geoffrey Harcourt (University of Cambridge and School of Economics, University of New South Wales)
  • "The Crisis in Mainstream Economics"

23 October

  • Huei-chun Su (Department of Economic History, LSE)
  • Does more money make people happier? The happiness-income paradox revisited with a philosophical perspective

6 November

  • Michael McLure (Department of Economics, University of Western Australia and Robinson College, University of Cambridge)
  • "Reflections on the Quantity Theory: Pigou 1917 and Pareto 1920-21"

20 November

  • Verena Halsmayer (Department of History, University of Vienna)
  • "Solow’s Growth Model as a Technical Object between Craftsmanship and Economic Expertise"

4 December

  • Orri Stefansson (Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE)
  • "Valuing What Could Have Been"

16 January

  • Teresa Tomas Rangil, Jesus College and Faculty of History, University of Oxford
  • ‘The origins of war forecasting in interwar America’

30 January

  • Joost W. Hengstmengel (Department of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • 'Providentialism in early-modern economic thought, 1600-1776'

13 February

  • Max Steuer (Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE)
  • ‘Contingent Events and Economic Explanations’

27 February

  • Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak (Department of Economics, Federal University of Minas Gerais)
  • tbc

13 March

  • Jesper Meijling, (Division of History of Science and Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Cambridge Centre for History and Economics)
  • ‘The market as an artefact in history: constitution and configuration in Livorno’  




30th April

  • Avner Offer (Faculty of History, University of Oxford)
  • ‘Economic Theory and Policy Norms: The Nobel Economists’

14th May

  • James Morrison (Department of International Relations, LSE)
  • ‘Shocking Intellectual Austerity: The Role of Ideas in the Demise of the Gold Standard in Britain’

28th May

  • Patrice Baubeau (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)
  • 'A sketch of Samuelson's model in Balzac? A tentative reading of The Girl with the Golden Eyes'   '  


11th June

  • Patricia Hongler (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Universität Luzern)
  • 'Being Boring: Creating Western Consensus and Objectivity at OECD' 


25th June

  • Deborah Boucoyannis (Department of Politics, University of Virginia)
  • 'The Distribution of Wealth in the Market Economy: What Adam Smith Expected from the "System of Natural Liberty"'