HPPE Seminars 2014-5

Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Economics

The seminar runs since 2012 and is organised by PhD students at the Economic History Department. It brings together scholars from different disciplines to discuss the evolution of economic thinking and embraces topics from Ancient Greece to contemporary Africa.

The seminar inquires how the theory and practice of economics changes with the historical and philosophical context. The seminar aims to provide scholars at any stage of their career with an opportunity to discuss their work with a critical audience. For further information, please contact the convenors.

15th October

29th October

  • The Managerial Ideal and Business Magazines in the Great Depression
  • Tiago Mata, ECONPUBLIC, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

12th November

  • The debate on the measurability of von Neumann and Morgenstern's utility function, 1944-1954
  • Ivan Moscati, Department of Economics, University of Insubria

26th November

  • Experiments as a Substitute for Econometric Estimations? A Historical Perspective on the Measurement of Market Discrimination
  • Cléo Chassonery-Zaïgouche, Centre d’économie de la Sorbonne, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

10th December




  • Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay
  • On the definition of public goods. Assessing Richard A. Musgrave’s contribution



  • Tim Hochstrasser
  • Lost or found in translation? How political economy travels in the Enlightenment.



  • Martin Giraudeau
  • If a business plan is good then it is a good project! Georges F. Doriot and the administration of venture capital (1946-1973)

Wednesday, 29 April 

Tuesday, 12 May 

Wednesday, 27 May 

  • Alexandra Digby, University of Cambridge
  • Britain's political economy, the labour theory of value and the Chartist movement in the 19th century

Wednesday, 10 June 

  • Andrej Svorenčík, University of Mannheim 
  • The experimental turn in economics at the turn of the 1980s

Wednesday, 24 June 

  • Michael Power,  London School of Economics, Department of Accounting 
  • How accounting begins: Determining research impact in UK universities, 2011-14