HPPE Lent 2014

  • Time: 1-2pm
  • Room:  EAS E 168



15 January

  • Julian Wells, (School of Economics, Politics and History, Kingston University)
  • “Clockwork, Blind Machines Wound Up? Marx and the (Econo-)Physicists” 


22 January

  • Luca Fantacci, (Department of Policy  Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University)
  • “Commodities and Currencies: Keynes’ Postwar Plans for a Global Economic Order”


18 February

  • Steve Medema, (Department of Economics, University of Colorado Denver)
  • “The World(s) in the Model(s): The Coase Theorem in the Long Run”
  • Time: 12.00-14.00,
  • Room: KSW.1.04.


26 February

  • Esther Sahle, (Department of Economic History, London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • “'For the love of money is the root of all evil' – Quaker Business Ethics, c.1650-1800”



12 March

  • Tony Lawson, (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge)
  • 'Why bother with social ontology?'