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Europe's Medical Revolutions

Europe’s Medical Revolutions. Markets and Medicine in Early Modern Europe


Date: 13.00-18.00, 11 January 2013.

Venue: London School of Economics, London, WC2A 2AE

This workshop focuses on a fundamental question for historians of medicine: when and why did most people start to look beyond their family and neighbours for medical care?

Using a range of different sources, speakers will analyse developments in the consumption of medical services in early modern France, the Netherlands and Venice, and in eighteenth-century England. The papers present new evidence of continuity or change in demand for healthcare and in the types of provision the sick employed in different periods, with a focus on estimating changes in the level and characteristicsof medical consumption over the long-run in different parts of Europe. Each paper will also discuss the potential of the sources they used to offer a guide to long-term changes in medical consumption in order to advance debate on our ability to measure the levels and characteristics of health care over the long-run.


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