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EH590 Seminars 2014-5


8 October

Introductory session


15 October

  • Sovereign Defaults and Exchange Controls during the Great Depression
  • Andrea Papadia, LSE

22 October

  • Migrant Self-Selection: Anthropometric Evidence from the Mass Migration of Italians to the United States, 1907–1925 
  • Ariell Zimran, Northwestern University

29 October

  • Living Standards, Wages and Output in French America, 1688 to 1760
  • Vincent Geloso, LSE

05 November

  • Trade and Development: Evidence from the Napoleonic Blockade
  • Reka Juhasz, LSE

12 November

  • Struggling for agency: Performative accounting and the Allied distribution of German reparations 
  • Tobias Vogelgsang, LSE

19 November

  • The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Regional Inequality: Evidence from Pre-modern China 
  • Cong Liu, Arizona

26 November

  • Retaliation and Trade: Evidence from Interwar France 
  • Thilo Albers, LSE

3 December

  • Historical Energy Price Shocks and their Changing Effects on the Economy
  • Dirk-Jan van de Ven, LSE

10 December 

  • Industrial organization in 17th century London building trades and institutions 
  • Judy Stephenson, LSE