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EH590 Seminars 2014-5


8 October

  • Introductory session


15 October

22 October

29 October

05 November

12 November

19 November

26 November

  • "Harbingers of Modernity: Monetary Injections and the Persistence of History, 1492-1821".
  • Nuno Palma, LSE


3 December

  • Historical Energy Price Shocks and their Changing Effects on the Economy
  • Dirk-Jan van de Ven, LSE

10 December 

14 January

21 January

28 January

04 February

EH departmental PhD workshop

  • Jae Harris
  • Revealed Preferences: Interpreting investors' choices between government bonds and private shares in early Chinese financial markets
  • Rebecca Simson
  • Education, public employment and class formation in postcolonial East Africa

11 February

18 February

25 February

04 March

11 March

11 March

18 March

  • Eric Golson, LSE & Warwick University
  • Neutral Central Bank Financing in the Great War: How do Neutral Bond Prices React to Wartime Financial and Political Events

29 April   

  • Nicola Limodio, LSE, Economics Department 
  • The development impact of financial regulation: Evidence from Ethiopia and antebellum USA

6 May 

  • Fabian Wahl, University of Hohenheim 
  • Participative political institutions and city development, 800-1800

13 May   

  • Thilo Huning, Humboldt-University Berlin 
  • How Britain unified Germany: Geography and the rise of Prussia after 1815

20 May   

  • Christoph Koenig, University of Warwick 
  • War veterans and the breakdown of young democracies: Evidence from Weimar Germany

27 May   

3 June 

10 June   

  • Kathrin Pindl, University of Regensburg 
  • Wages, prices, and consumption patterns: Some perspectives on (pre-) modern standards of living in Southern Germany, 1354-1914

17 June   

24 June   

  • Felix Ward, University of Bonn 
  • A concise history of credit cycles, 1870-2012


Call for Papers – LSE Economic History Thesis Workshop 


The Department of Economic History at LSE is now inviting papers for its thesis workshop for Michaelmas Term 2015. The workshop runs weekly in term times on Wednesday from 5-6:30pm and is attended regularly by faculty and department research students. The format is a 30 minute presentation, usually on a paper at an advanced stage of research and preparation, with a minimum of 30 minutes for questions and discussion. 

The workshop is ideal for those in the final year of their PhD work who wish to expose their research to an audience of peers and senior academics and test ideas and methodologies prior to completion of their thesis. 

To apply to speak in Michaelmas term 2015 (September 24 - December 11, 2015), please submit an abstract of your paper (approx. 250 words) with details on methodology and sources to workshop conveners Bernardo Wjuniski (b.s.wjuniski@lse.ac.uk), Joe Lane (J.P.Lane@lse.ac.uk) and Leo Kukic (L.Kukic@lse.ac.uk) by Sunday 28th June 2015. Please also indicate which dates you would be available to present, your thesis title, institutional affiliation and an expected submission date of your PhD. We will contact those applying by mid-July.