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News and Events

Japan honours for Professor Janet Hunter

On 29th April 2014 Professor Janet Hunter was awarded the Order of the Chrysanthemum for her outstanding contribution to Japan studies, both within her discipline of Economic History and without, and for her outstanding  contribution to understanding of Japanese culture and Japan UK relations.

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1st May 2014

Elisabeth Glomseth, a current MSc Global History student, was awarded an Economic History Society Travel Grant which enabled her to travel to Copenhagen for archival work relating to her dissertation on the failure of the Danish colonial project. It is not widely known that Denmark and Norway were involved in the slave trade, operating from the Gold Coast and shipping more than 100,000 slaves to the West Indies, but the African settlement was abandoned and eventually sold to the British in 1850.

Elisabeth says: “I would definitely recommend my colleagues to apply to the EHS. Archival work is fun, and it is extra encouraging to get economic backing for your project; besides the financial advantage, it tells you that someone believes in your project. Especially that last thing can be rather priceless if you, like me, begin to doubt all your life choices during revision...”

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