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News and Events

Economic History Students awarded at LSE Research Festival

Congratulations to PhD student Joseph Lane and BSc student Orian mahlow who bth won prizes at the LSE Research Festival on May 21 2015.

Joe won a  highly commended for his poster ‘Networks and knowledge: a potted history’



Orian Mahlow was awarded the ‘best in show’ prize in the poster category, out of 28 entrants. The poster was titled ‘Foreign labour in West Germany: skill premiums in the German auto industry – convergence big time?’


Orian provided this information on the project behind this poster:

"This poster refers to a paper I produced in EH237 - Theories and Evidence in Economic History, as part of an undergraduate research project.

"Whilst nowadays one can increasingly trace suspicion towards foreign labour in Germany, I was intrigued by an early measure that actively promoted the hiring of foreign workers to bridge labour shortages in post-war Germany. With little disaggregate data available I was very lucky to have been granted access to BMW’s corporate archive in Munich that allowed me to analyse wage developments across skill levels and employment patterns. The free movement of human resources within the European Union has contributed to foreign labour often being viewed as a threat. In this context the study provides a more upbeat assessment that should make us reflect on prejudices towards foreign workers - foreign labour is found to have promoted flexibility, wage moderation and allowed companies to harness growth opportunities. We should thus be grateful that a lot of “guests” stayed on..."

Japan honours for Professor Janet Hunter

On 29th April 2014 Professor Janet Hunter was awarded the Order of the Chrysanthemum for her outstanding contribution to Japan studies, both within her discipline of Economic History and without, and for her outstanding  contribution to understanding of Japanese culture and Japan UK relations.

You can read more here: