Project Posters

As part of the How Well Do 'Facts' Travel? project at the Department of Economic History| and supported by the Leverhulme Trust| and the ESRC|, these posters were created for the conference "Enquiry, Evidence, and Facts|" hosted by the British Academy in December 2007. The posters offer a brief and hopefully clear summary of the types of projects the team works on.

Click on a poster to obtain a better quality image - but please note that the original posters were designed to be viewed at A2, so not all the text here will necessarily be legible. 

 thumb adams|  thumb Forestier|  thumb Haycock| 

 thumb Leonelli  | thumb mattila|  thumb Mensink| 

 thumb Millar  thumb Morgan|thumb Ramsden| 

 thumb Valeriani|  thumb Velkar|  thumb Wallis|