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GEHN organised a programme of 10 conferences, three a year in January, June and September 2003-2006, attended by GEHN members and other invited scholars and graduate students with relevant interests and expertise.

Conferences were designed to address components of a metanarrative in history and canonical social science concerned with 'Economic Divergence'. Divergence is the question of when, where, how and why did labour productivities between the West and East of Eurasia diverge, and lead to gaps in standards of living that became clearly discernible over the 19th century and which continue to widen even today.

The conferences surveyed and considered five major themes contextualised and specified by their local convenors in prospectuses. In format, these meetings were based on pre-circulated papers, structured discussion and followed up by papers published on the GEHN website and the LSE departments working paper series. It was anticipated that a proportion of the papers would also appear either in volume form or in recognized academic journals for economics, economic history and global history - including LSE's own new journal in the field - The Journal of Global History (edited by Gervase Clarence Smith, SOAS, Ken Pomeranz, Irvine; and Pier Vries, Leiden) which appeared in Winter 2006 .

List of main conferences