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Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O’Brien awarded AHA prize

Patrick O’Brien has been named the winner of the 2013 Honorary Foreign Member Award by the American Historical Association| (AHA).

The award, which was established in 1885, is presented annually by the AHA in recognition of a foreign scholar who is distinguished in his or her field and who has markedly assisted the work of American historians in the scholar’s country.

Kenneth Pomeranz, a member of the prize review committee, remarked: “Patrick O’Brien has written ground-breaking works on the history of state-formation, empire, industrialisation, and economic development. His four books, 17 edited or co-edited books, and well over 100 journal articles have influenced research on almost every world region. He has also been a visionary and indefatigable organiser of scholarly networks, creating productive dialogues that have brought US-based scholars together with others from around the world, and spanned seemingly unbridgeable ideological and methodological gaps.”

The prize will be awarded during a ceremony at the Association’s 128th Annual Meeting in Washington DC in January 2014.