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Business History Unit Seminars 2013-14

Summer Term 2014

There will be no seminars this term. They will resume in Michaelmas 2014.


Lent Term 2014

The seminars will be held at 5.30pm in Room 3.02, Tower Two.

For further information contact t.r.gourvish@lse.ac.uk| 


27 January  

  • Simon Mollan and  Kevin Tennent  (York Management School) 
  •  Towards a New Organisational Theory of British International Business: The Selection Trust as a distributed firm,  c.1930-1979’


10 February 

  • Niall McKenzie (Strathclyde Business School)
  •  ‘Reconstituting the Entrepreneurial   State’


24 February 

  • Michael Aldous (LSE)    
  • ‘Avoiding Negligence and Profusion: Organising the business of trade between Britain and India, 1813-1870’


10 March 

  • Julie Bower (Birmingham Business School) ) 
  • ‘What was the Whitbread  Umbrella protecting? From beer to coffee via pub retailing’ 


Michaelmas 2013

The seminars will be held in Room 1.04, Tower Two, at 5.30.

14 October

  •  Andrew Smith (University of Coventry)  
  • ‘Creating the Post-Colonial Bank: HSBC in the 1960s' 


28 October  

  • Simon Mollan and Kevin Tennent, (The York Management School)     
  • ‘Towards a New Organizational Theory of British International Business: The Selection Trust as a distributed firm, c.1930-1979' 


11 November*  

  •  Andy Friend (ex-Laing)
  • ‘UK PFI/PPP in the Noughties: Why we threw the baby out with the bathwater’*


*This is a BHU-ING Seminar which will be held at ING Bank, 60 London Wall. Pre-registration is required: please contact t.r.gourvish@lse.ac.uk| if you wish to attend.