Affiliated staff & visiting fellows

Affiliated Staff

Prof Marc David Baer

Professor, Department of International History, LSE
Office: SAR.3.17

Dr Katerina Dalacoura

Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, LSE
Office: CLM.4.11

Dr. Hakan Seçkinelgin

Associate Professor (Reader), Department of Social Policy, LSE
Office: OLD.2.57

Visiting Fellows (2015-16)

Dr Heiko Henkel

Heiko Henkel teaches anthropology at Copenhagen University. He is currently directing a research project on religious citizens in various European countries and is a visiting fellow at the LSE. Before Copenhagen, Heiko taught at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver and Williams College (Mass.). He holds a BA from Universität Hamburg, MA from University of Sussex, Brighton, UK and PhD from Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey. His research has focused on the Turkish Islamic tradition in contemporary Turkey and Germany and he is interested in the social conditions that shape interpretations of the Islamic tradition by Muslim practitioners as well as by non-Muslims.

Dr Sertaç Sehlikoglu

(3 January 2016 - 31 August 2016)

Sertaç Sehlikoglu holds two BAs, one in sociology from Bogazici University, Istanbul, and another in anthropology from Concordia University, Montreal. She completed her MA in socio/cultural anthropology in collaboration with women and gender studies at the University of Toronto. Upon completing her PhD in Division of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, she continued teaching and supervising anthropological theory, gender, and postcolonial critique in the Division.

Dr Asmaa Soliman

Asmaa Soliman is Visiting Fellow at the European Institute. She is also Teaching Fellow and Pathway Representative for Societies at UCL’s Arts and Sciences Department. Asmaa has worked for several universities, research institutions and media companies in Egypt, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. These include UCL, LSE, Maastricht University, the Economic and Social Research Council UK (ESRC), Aljazeera English, Qantara-Deutsche Welle, Arts Versa, the European Network against Racism (ENAR) and Alhayah TV.  She completed her bachelor in Arts & Culture with a specialisation in Media Culture at Maastricht University in 2009. She received her first master in Media Culture with Distinction from Maastricht University in 2010. She finalised her second master in International Politics with Distinction at City University London in 2011.

Prof Berna Turam

(April - May 2016)

Berna Turam is Professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Northeastern University. She received two B.A degrees from sociology and political science departments at Bosphorus University, and her Ph.D. in sociology at McGill University. Her specialization is in political sociology focusing on state-society interaction, and intersections of religion, urban space and gender. Berna authored the book Between Islam and the State: The Politics of Engagement. She also published numerous book chapters and articles in journals including British Journal of Sociology, Nations and Nationalism, and International Feminist Journal of Politics (vol 10:4), and edited a special issue, titled "Secular Muslims?" in Comparative Studies of South America, Africa and Middle East. Her current project explores urban sites of multi-faceted polarization in Turkey. Berna is also a recipient of and collaborator in an NSF-funded comparative project on religion and science, which examines the tensions between evolution and Islamic creationism in and outside of the Muslim world.

Dr Deniz Yonucu

(13 April 2015 - 13 September 2015)

Deniz Yonucu graduated from the Department of Anthropology at Cornell in May 2014. Her dissertation, titled, Operations Of Law And Sovereignty From Below: Youth, Violence And Disorder In Urban Turkey, focuses on  marginalized Alevi populated working class neighbourhoods in Istanbul and analyses the complex relationship between law, violence, counter-violence and sovereignty in Turkey.  She holds two MA degrees in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and in Sociology from Boğaziçi University. Deniz spent the academic year 2008-2009 at Columbia University in the Department of Anthropology.  Her work has focused on the criminalization and marginalization of working class youth in Istanbul, operations and manifestations state violence and counter-violence in Turkey as well as their effects on Alevi youth. Deniz has taught courses related to issues of urban marginalization, crime, violence, state, law and terror.  She currently resides and teaches in Istanbul and was awarded the SALT Research Grant to further develop her research on violence and counter-violence in Alevi populated neighbourhoods.