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How to contact us

Room OLD 1.03A


Report a problem
Phone: 020 7107 5000
Email: it.servicedesk@lse.ac.uk|


All other queries
Dial the operator or email telecoms@lse.ac.uk|

Work requests

Please read the information below and select which link best suits your requirements. Follow the desired link and you will be prompted for your LSE username and password. You will then have access to an outlook public folder containing the file you need. When completed this should be emailed to telecoms@lse.ac.uk|

You will also find a word document with guidance notes on completing the forms. To help us process your request as promptly as possible, please complete all sections. 

If you wish to request a single new extension or move or change an existing extension please click on the link below and open the file Telecoms Single Move/Change/Request spreadsheet| (Excel)

If your request involves two or more new extensions, or moving two or more extensions to another room or another location within a room, then click on the link below and open the Telecoms Multiple Moves spreadsheet| (Excel)