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Voicemail notification

Staff can now receive email notification of voicemail in 2 forms

  1. Using a WAV attachment

    Voicemail messages can be sent as e-mails with WAV attachments. The subject says, 'You have voicemail'. After opening the e-mail double-click the icon and the message is replayed through your PC's speakers. Please contact Telecoms to set this up as we will have to alter your voicemail account profile.

  2. Using email text only

    Email text only is useful for people who would like email notification of unheard messages, but work in an open plan area, for instance, where listening to messages via your speakers is not an option. Also, for users who be not have speakers. You will receive notification of a voice message in your email inbox, then just dial 88 as usual to retrieve it.

For both using a WAV attachment, and email text only, when you dial into voicemail, the options will say "you have no 'new' messages". This is because it has already been delivered to your inbox. So just press 2 to listen to 'old' messages.

Again, contact Telecoms, who will change your profile.