Making and receiving calls

How to receive calls

Please note that due to data protection rules, LSE staff will NOT be able to give your extension number to callers.  It is therefore important that you let your family and friends know your five-digit extension number so that they can contact you.

Give your callers the main LSE halls access number - 

+44 (0)20 7107 5102  


Please note the LSE is not responsible for charges applied by overseas carriers to calls from other countries to the School and Halls of Residence.  

On connection they will hear the following message:

"Welcome to the London School of Economics and Political Science, please key the extension number of the person you require"

Callers will then need to key your extension number and will be connected directly to your room. If you do not answer within five rings, your call will automatically be forwarded to your voicemail account.

How to make calls in the UK and Abroad

No provision is available for students to make calls to telephones outside of the LSE, from their rooms.

How to call LSE extensions

Simply key the four or five digit number shown on the School's web directory. These calls are free.

How to call students at other halls

When you know their extension number simply key the five-digit extension number from your phone. These calls are also free.

How to call the hall reception

Key 0 from your handset.

How do I make calls to emergency services from my phone?

Firstly, you should call 0 and report the incident to the Hall's reception.  They will make arrangements to contact the emergency services as appropriate.

 In the event that you cannot contact reception then you should call 9-999 from any internal phone and notify reception as soon as possible.

Faults with my phone

If you have a fault on your phone

Report the fault initially to your Hall's reception. Staff will be able to provide you with some simple checks or a spare handset to try and get your phone working again.  If this does not solve the problem, your fault will be passed to LSE Telecoms who will endeavour to repair the fault within two working days.

Why can't I key 0800 numbers?

If you need to call 0800 numbers you can do this from the payphones in any of the Halls or outside the School.

Accessing voicemail

How can I access my voicemail?

The first time you key into voicemail you will be prompted to change your user greeting and four digit Pin number.  Initially your PIN number will be configured to be the same as your extension number and should be changed as soon as possible, otherwise other people will be able to retrieve your messages.

To change your PIN number select Option 'Four' from the main menu then Option 'One' from the Mailbox options menu. Your current PIN number will be played after which you will be prompted to enter a new one.

After initial set up, simply key 88 from your room phone and you will be prompted for your mailbox number and pin number and then guided through the menu options.

To access the voicemail service from outside the LSE phone system, key 020 7955 6880.

Full instructions are shown on the telecoms web site. Follow the "How to use voicemail" link. 

How will I know when I have a voicemail message?

You will hear a high-pitched key tone on your phone when you lift the receiver.

Additional information

Where can I get further information?

Please see the links on our Student halls telecom| section.

Other phone features

Transferring your phone to voicemail or another extension

If you do not want to be disturbed by calls, you can transfer your phone directly to voicemail by keying #9 88. This will mean that callers will be transferred to your mailbox without your phone ringing. If you want to cancel the divert you simply key ##9.  You will know if your phone is transferred to voicemail, or another number, as you will hear a broken key tone when you lift the receiver.

 You can also transfer a call to another extension in the Hall by keying #9 followed by the four digit extension number you wish to divert to.  To cancel the transfer key ##9

Transferring a call

If you receive a call that you wish to transfer to another number, simply press the recall button on your phone (sometimes labelled R) and key the four digit extension number you want to transfer the call to.  When the call is answered you can replace your handset.

Hall Reception 0
Transfer phone to voicemail #9 88
Retrieve voicemail 88
Cancel transfer to voicemail ##9
Telecoms fault line  2222 (Available 9-5, Mon - Fri)