Faults checklist

You can use this guide to help you resolve a problem with your phone.  If it does not resolve your problem please report it to the hall reception who will contact LSE Telecoms 



Phone will not ring at all

If you have a broken dial tone when you pick up the handset you have a manual divert on the extension. A manual divert will not allow the telephone to ring at all before it forwards to a specified destination (voicemail or another extension). Check also that the ringer hasn't been switched off on your phone. 

Broken dial tone

Your  extension is manually diverted, and the telephone system is reminding you of this. If the divert is no longer needed dial ##9 from the extension to cancel the diversion.

After dialling any number you receive a dialling tone or number unobtainable message

Check the phone pulse/tone settings (switch on the phone marked P/T or Pulse/Tone). Set the switch to Tone or T for our system

Pressing the recall button and not receiving the dialling tone

Check the E/T (Earth/ Timebreak) button on the side or back of the telephone. Set it to Earth mode.

Try another handset in the socket to ascertain whether fault is the handset or in the socket.

No dial tone on lifting receiver

Try another telephone in the socket to ascertain whether fault is handset or in the socket.  Also, check the handset is plugged in to the socket fully

Voicemail faults

The School voicemail extension is 6880 and internal users can dial 88. External users dial 020 7955 6880 

The School now uses the voicemail system to answer its incoming calls. The software update means that if a user has the same mailbox number and pin number, when they or anyone dials 88 from that extension's handset, the user will go straight into the mailbox of that extension mailbox, bypassing the usual greeting. Therefore every voicemail user should have a different pin number to their mailbox number to ensure mailbox security.  

Mailbox message capacity (profile): standard capacity is  25 messages  



Locked mailbox

Your mailbox gets locked if the wrong PIN number entered 3 times.  Contact the hall reception who will contact Telecoms who will reset the PIN.

Forgotten pin number

Your mailbox becomes locked if the wrong pin number is entered 3 times.  Contact the hall reception, who will contact Telecoms who will email you with your pin number

Voicemail system says called user mailbox full

You need to access your mailbox and delete old messages

Full user mailbox or multiple messages

You have to go into your mailbox and wait for each message to start, then press '6' to fast forward to end of message. You will be given the option to delete in the normal way. 

Current message will not end therefore user cannot carry on listening to other messages

You have to go back into the message. When it starts, press '6' this will fast forward to end of message and you will have the option to delete in the usual way. You can now listen to rest of your messages.