Telephony toolbar

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The telephony toolbar is available in Outlook and Internet Explorer/Firefox. The toolbar allows you to search for colleagues, dial from your computer and control how incoming calls are dealt with.

Introductory Video

The below video highlights the key features of the Telephony Toolbar. This video lasts 1min 53 seconds.

To enable full screen, click the arrows to the left of the volume indicator.

Standard toolbar

  • Call management [PDF] - dialling, call management and transfer options available from the toolbar.
  • Voicemail [PDF] - listening to your voicemail and accessing voicemail settings directly from the toolbar.
  • User profiles [PDF] - setting quick access profiles e.g. 'Call Forwarding No Answer' direct from the toolbar.
  • Audio conferencing [PDF] - initiating entering and managing a conference call from the toolbar.

Enhanced toolbar

The enhanced toolbar requires a specific license which Departmental Managers must authorise. The enhanced toolbar is recommended for staff who either regularly work from home, or who work on the move.  The features that enable these working patterns are: 

  • Remote office [PDF] - utilising separate telephones (e.g. your home phone) as your business phone.
  • Simultaneous ring - enabling more than one telephone to ring at the same time.