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Telephone guides

The Getting Started video highlights the steps needed to get started with your  Telephony tools. This video lasts 3mins 57secs. To enable full screen, click the arrows to the left of the volume indicator.

Below are guides and information on the communication tools now available.

Core features


| ‘How-to’ guides for key functions for each model. There are a range of telephones available, depending on your requirements.

Telephony Toolbar|
Available in Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Search for colleagues, dial from your computer and more.

Office Communicator|
Send and receive Instant Messages with your colleagues and quickly identify who is available, busy or out of the office.

Live Meeting|
A software application that allows users to create meetings and share presentations with internal and external colleagues.

Additional functionality

Requires a separate license – only selected users will be able to access it. Also requires a suitable Internet connection in order to work.


Hot Desking|
Assigned to a specific phone. Log in to the hot desk telephone to make/answer calls as if you were at your own desk.


Remote Working|
The new telephony tools facilitate remote working and home working in a number of ways. See how to access key features remotely.

Specialised functionality

Call Centre|
The specialised Call Centre functionality is available to some users who require advanced call management options.

Conference units|
There are three models of IP conference unit available which differ slightly in levels of functionality.