Softphone Policy Guidelines

Softphones are allocated per device and once installed are non-transferrable.


Requests for softphone functionality must come via a Departmental Manager, either as part of your departmental migration to the new telephony services, or by completion of a ‘Softphone Request’ form, which Telecoms will be able to provide.

Please note that the Softphone requires a separate licence and only nominated users will be able to access it.

If you are unsure whether you have been nominated by your Departmental Manager for use of a Softphone, please contact Telecoms (|), who will be able to advise.

The Softphone requires a suitable Internet connection in order to work.

User Guidelines

Calls made from your Softphone to other LSE extensions will be free of charge. Calls made from your softphone to external numbers will be charged as if made from your desk telephone.

Please be advised that the softphone application will ring at the same time as your desk telephone.

In order to achieve optimum sound quality, it is recommended that a good quality USB headset rather than a jack connector via a microphone port is utilised when using the Softphone on a laptop or PC.

Softphone versions

Please note that if you were issued a Softphone prior to January 2015 you will have the Broadsoft Business Communicator product, this application will continue to work, but is no longer available for new installations. 

All users will be upgraded to the new version in early 2015.

User Guides

The below guidance is for the new version of the Softphone, made available from January 2015. All guides have information on installation, making calls, settings and directory access: