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Audio Conferencing


As part of our continuing effort to improve our range of services, LSE Telecoms has selected MCI Conferencing to provide its future Audio Conferencing services.

Previously, audio conference calls had to originate from within the School, and were limited to four internal and up to two external calls. With the new system, however, any caller can form part of an audio conference from any part of the world using the authentication code you have sent them.

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to place a conference call is through a product called Instant Meeting Service (LSE preferred service).

Instant Meeting Service is an ad hoc Audio Conferencing product, ideal for small staff meetings, spontaneous events such as crisis management, or it can be used to pull teams together for rapid decision-making. Many of today's professionals are using audio conferencing for regular business meetings that don't require the intervention of a conference coordinator. 

Why use Instant Meeting Service?

  • It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • You never have to book - its available on demand
  • You can invite participants from anywhere to join your meeting - not just those available locally
  • It saves time - no one has to travel from their desk
  • You pay only for usage on Instant Meeting subscriptions of up to 20 participants.

How to use Instant Meeting Service

Each Department Administrator/Head of Department has been allocated an Instant Meeting Leader Passcode and a Participant Passcode, with a telephone number to access the Conference Bridge.

To arrange a conference the Administrator circulates the telephone number and passcode to conference participants to use at a particular time and date. Each participant dials the access number at the agreed time and enters the passcode, becoming part of the audio conference.


The conference call is charged per second per participant. As each participant leaves the conference their charges cease.

For further details of the charges please see LSE Audi Conferencing tariffs|

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Can participants talk with others until the leader arrives? No, your Instant Meeting is set so participants will not be able to communicate until the leader or someone using the leader's passcode has joined the call. This can be modified by contacting LSE Telecoms.
  2. If the leader leaves the call, are the other callers disconnected? No, the conference is unaffected.
  3. Can the leader change his/her passcode if it has been compromised? If you feel that the security of your passcode is in jeopardy, you can call LSE Telecoms at any time to amend either or both of the passcodes.
  4. How many people can I have on my conference call? Can I increase the number of lines? Your Instant Meeting subscription is set up for 20 participants, including yourself. If more than that number dial in, they will hear a message saying the call is at its capacity. If you require more lines for a meeting, this can be arranged through LSE Telecoms by prior notice..
  5. Will my Instant Meeting number and passcode work indefinitely until I cancel them? Your Instant Meeting subscription will remain active as long as you use it. It will be automatically cancelled after 6 months of non-use. If your subscription is cancelled, you can re-establish the service by contacting LSE Telecoms.
  6.  What do I do if I experience a problem with an Instant Meeting call? Dial the reservations number given to your department administrator, then select option 1 for audio conferencing, then option 5 for service enquiries. During the call, if you require technical assistance press *0.

Hints for successful conference calls

Distribute an agenda and other materials before the meeting.

Notify participants of the date, time (including time zone), conference number, passcode, and  other instructions.  Include a number where you or your assistant can be reached.

Conduct a roll call so you know when everyone has joined the call.

If you are in a noisy environment press *6 to mute your line (*6 again to cancel mute)

Remind participants to identify themselves by name and location when speaking.

Address individuals by name when asking questions.

Allow time for interaction.  Encourage participation and stimulate discussion.

Press *0 at any time for conference coordinator assistance during the call.

To ensure that the sound quality of your call is clear

  • Speak clearly and avoid side conversations and background noise.
  • Try to avoid using a speakerphone or mobile phone. However, if it is necessary, be sure to use the mute button on your phone when you are not speaking.
  • If your phone plays music, avoid placing it on hold.

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