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A to Z of services

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Audio Conferencing

As part of our continuing effort to improve our range of services, LSE Telecoms has selected MCI Conferencing  to provide its Audio Conferencing services.

Previously, audio conference calls had to originate from within the School, and were limited to four internal - and up to two external - calls. With the new system, however, any caller can form part of an audio conference from any part of the world using the authentication code you have sent them.

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to place a conference call is through a system called Instant Meeting Service (LSE preferred service).

Instant Meeting Service is an ad hoc Audio Conferencing product, ideal for small staff meetings, spontaneous events such as crisis management, or it can be used to pull teams together for rapid decision-making. Today's professionals use audio conferencing for regular business meetings that don't require the intervention of a conference coordinator.  Department Managers/Convenors have already been issued with the access numbers and pass-codes to arrange audio conferences, but for more information visit our Audio Conferencing| website.

Click here for your Quick Reference User Guide Instructions| (PDF)


The main School telephone number is 020 7405 7686 and the School's calls are answered by an Auto Attendant. Callers then have a menu option to contact services for Existing Students, Undergraduate Admissions, Postgraduate Admissions, Library, Press Office, Directions to LSE or dial '0' for Operator Assistance. Telecoms have a small, friendly team eagerly waiting to answer and help callers with requests and queries.


BT Information

We must be advised of the impending presence of a BT engineer because he/she will need assistance from Telecoms to effect or move a BT connection.

BT Directory Enquiries, Yellow Pages, Thompson Local, Scoot Business and BT International Codes are available on the Web via our homepage|.


Call Logger

Telecoms has a new Greek God called Proteus Caller Logger to monitor our various systems' effectiveness, and to identify any telephone misuse. The system is used to charge staff personal calls, and provides a monthly report for Telecoms to recoup departments' and tenants' rental and call charges for all of the extensions allocated to their individual departments. It now has a web based reporting tool and we are currently training administrators/ budget holders how to use the system to monitor their own department's telephone usage. We welcome anyone who would like training.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|

Chargeable items

When a department is to be charged for a service (e.g. rental and call charges for every extension allocated to a department, equipment, equipment ordered on behalf of a dept) a budget code and contact address will be required. These services/items will be charged for by IDN, emailed directly to Sales Ledger, to be debited from the budget code provided. The charges will be debited monthly or as applicable. If the department is an external/tenant/conference department charges will be invoiced monthly or as applicable, also requiring a contact address.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|


Telecoms is open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and is situated in rooms A103 and A104, via A105, on the mezzanine floor, Old Building, where an intercom system is used for entry. The Operators can be contacted by dialling '0,' initial Fault Reporting should be made to extension 2222, the Telecoms Team extension 7911 or by emailing  telecoms@lse.ac.uk|

Customer Caller ID

The School telephone system does not send outgoing caller identity because we are a large organisation, and it would be impractical to deal with returned calls to our switchboard operators.



We update the School's Oracle directory daily and this is then reflected on the Web in Surname, Department, Area, Job, Description, Speed Dial and Fax Number form. The Web also provides users' email addresses against the relevant surname entry. The directory is only as good as the information provided to Telecoms, therefore, please advise us of updates as soon as possible. Please do not send the whole department listing. There is no longer a circulated paper production of the directory due to its widespread availability on the Web, however Telecoms holds a limited number of paper directories for emergencies.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|


Fault reporting

During Business hours faults on the School telephone systems should firstly be reported to ext 2222, where our Operators can provide first-line solutions to minor faults. If this cannot be done you will be asked to email Telecoms with the details of the fault in question, the extension, room and department. Users should first try another handset in the socket to ascertain whether the fault is within the telephone, the socket, or, if a more technical examination is required. Users in buildings using CAT5 data sockets also need to change the adaptor, as these are quite often the reason for a fault. We will replace the faulty equipment for you.

Contact: Extension 2222 initially, then email telecoms@lse.ac.uk|

Students with a fault at a Halls of Residence should see Student halls telecoms| for further information.


Departments are responsible for ordering and funding the cost of new fax machines, including consumables and ongoing annual maintenance now that budgets are devolved to departments. We do have some spare fax units we can lend to departments for emergencies until their own fax is repaired. Faults should be reported directly to the service provider quoting the serial number, which is the maintenance contract number for the relevant fax machine and is provided on installation.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|


Halls of residence

The Telecoms Department now provides telephony to the halls of residence, supporting around 2400 extensions in eight halls. Student telephony is operated using a calling card system and in addition to being given free voicemail students can now call room to room between halls at no cost.

Information on halls telecoms services and call tariff can be accessed via the Student halls telecoms| web pages.



Telecoms mailbox is the correct contact for all queries, as there are four staff members who can access the mailbox, which is open all day. This ensures that the first person free can deal with your request. If you email an individual directly, your request could be delayed if that person is busy on another task or on leave. This also removes the possibility of two people working on the same fault/request at the same time. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt of your email. If you don't, please check you have used the correct address.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|

Mobile telephones

We order and maintain the School's mobile telephone service, of which the majority are with mobile network provider O2. O2 has a Best for Business tariff that enables LSE mobile users to contact other LSE mobile users at a favourable rate by dialling the user's extension only. There is also a facility for dialling '0' for the School's Auto-Attendant, then the extension number, to contact an LSE extension, who is not a mobile user. Please note for certain Nokia models, the user will need to dial '000' for the School's Auto-Attendant.

Telecoms also have an account with O2 Rentals for departments that only require a temporary connection, at very favourable rates.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|


The Telecoms department move all telephone extension connections. We have listened to our customers and we now have comprehensive forms that users are required to fill in on Telecoms via Outlook\Public Folders\All Public Folders\Admin\Telecoms. Please read Department Move Instructions carefully.

For a single Move Extension Request, Change of Service or a single New Extension Request, users need to double click on Double Click Here to See How to Use the Forms on this Page. For multiple moves and connections involving more than one socket, users need to fill in the Telecoms Move Info Form.xls spreadsheet advising Telecoms about each socket/extension involved in the move. This gives us all the information we need to plan and effect your moves efficiently, and on time. We need 1 to 2 weeks' notice of any moves, depending on the number of movers and the degree of technical difficulty involved, therefore, the more notice we have ensures most problems can be identified and rectified in time for your move, even for single moves. For multiple moves it is essential that we have at least 2 weeks' notice.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|  


Office hours

Office hours are 9.00 am to 5.30pm, Security provide an-out-of hours 'switchboard' service receiving incoming and connecting outgoing calls. Just key '0' as usual.


Telecoms provides the Operator Service that answers the School's incoming and internal calls, connecting calls to the correct destinations inside and outside the School. We share our skills within the department to provide an informative, efficient, courteous and helpful service. The Operators also man Telecoms initial Fault Reporting Line on ext 2222, providing quick solutions to users with minor fault problems. More serious faults should be reported to 2nd line faults ext 7911 or by emailing Telecoms

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|

Out of hours

Security provide an-out-of hours 'switchboard' service receiving incoming and connecting outgoing calls. Just key '0' as usual.

Faults should not be reported to Security, but instead, should be reported by email to Telecoms, who will deal with outstanding issues the next working day.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|


Proteus Call Logger

Telecoms has a new Greek God called Proteus Caller Logger to monitor the daily use of our systems' effectiveness and to highlight any telephone misuse. The system is used to charge staff personal calls, and provides a monthly report for Telecoms to recoup departments and tenants rental and call charges for all of the extensions allocated to their individual departments It now has a web based reporting tool and we are currently training administrators/ budget holders to use the system to monitor their own department's telephone usage. We welcome anyone who would like training.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|



Telecoms has some teleconferencing units which are available for loan to groups of people wishing to hold meetings involving outside parties. These can be reserved by email, but a budget code will be required against non-return of the unit. There is also a feature of the School's telephone system which allows online conferencing from virtually any phone to up to six other callers, with a maximum of two external calls. The system is very simple: make the first call, press 'R' on the handset and call the second person (the first will hear the School's music-on-hold), press 'R' and key in *4. The three of you will be in conference. Add calls by keying 'R' making the call, then key 'R' and *4. If you can't reach a person key *1 to get back your conference and try the next one.

The unit does not have the capability of recording conversations, however, there is a piece of equipment that can be purchased by the department that can be connected to the unit and is then attached to the telephone lead.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|



We provide connection to the School's voicemail system. Please note that voicemail has to be requested, as does automatic forwarding on engaged and no reply and is not a default on your School extension. Message notification can now be delivered to users' PCs instead of to the telephone. When requesting this service, please advise if you have a sound card which enables users to double click on the WAV attachment and hear their voicemail messages. There is also a message notification delivery called Click-to-Call for people sharing an office, but who want privacy when playing their messages. Users click on the email notification, the extension will then be called with the voicemail message. Users will need to download a small application, which we supply, onto the PC which will run through the set up procedure. Also available is text messaging delivery notification sent to the users mobile number advising of a new voicemail message. When requesting this service, please also advise the mobile number to which notification should be delivered. Voicemail instruction guides are available on the web and from Telecoms.  See the guides|. To set up voicemail services we need your name, department, extension and room number.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|


Web pages

The School Telephone Directory is available on the Web pages, which is updated daily by the School's Oracle database. The Web Directory is updated daily before the start of business. How to use Voicemail, Telephone Features (Ring Back, Call Forwarding etc.) Fault Reporting, Personal Calls School Policy are available via the LSE Home Page, Directories, Telephone and Email Directory and Useful Information.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|


We fault find and effect all wiring connections of telephone, modem, fax, and, ISDN2 lines with the help of Estates. Any new provisions of sockets and enlivening of current dead sockets must be requested through Telecoms by completing the relevant Telecoms Single Move Change Request spreadsheet|.

Contact: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|