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The Law, Society and Economy Working Paper Series was first published in 2007. The series focuses on interdisciplinary legal scholarship in all subject areas from members of the LSE's Law Department, doctoral students and visiting scholars. The Working Paper Series does not adopt a particular style, and papers may be submitted in any recognised style consistently applied. The papers are published electronically and are available online or through email distribution.

2017 Summer Issue

06/2017 'Perspectives on Liberalisation' by Niamh Dunne

07/2017 'Stewardship and Collateral' by Joanna Benjamin

08/2017 'Democracy as the Legitimating Condition in the UK Constitution' by Jo Eric Khushal Murkens

09/2017 'The Non-Frustration Rule and the Mandatory Bid Rule – Cornerstones of European Takeover Law?' by Mathias Habersack

10/2017 'On Solidarity' by Emmanuel Melissaris

11/2017 'Dworkin's Theory of Rights in the Age of Proportionality' by Kai Möller

12/2017 'Springwell-watch: New Insights Into the Nature of Contractual Estoppel' by Jo Braithwaite

13/2017 'Repo and Derivatives Portfolios Between Insolvency Law and Regulation' by Philipp Paech

14/2017 'Ritual Male Circumcision and Parental Authority' by Kai Möller

15/2017 'Digital Regulation: Designing a Supranational Legal Framework for the Platform Economy' by Michèle Finck

16/2017 'The Governance of Blockchain Financial Networks' by Philipp Paech


2017 Spring Issue

01/2017 'Regulating "Platform Power"' by Orla Lynskey

02/2017 'Non-Citizens as Subjects of the Criminal Law' by Emmanuel Melissaris

03/2017 'Price Regulation in the Social Market Economy' by Niamh Dunne

04/2017 'The Internet and the Global Reach of EU Law' by Christopher Kuner

05/2017 'Brexit, the EU and Its Investment Banker: Rethinking ‘Equivalence’ for the EU Capital Market' by Niamh Moloney

2016 Winter Issue

14/2016 'The Blunders of Brexit: Economics, Sovereignty, and the Constitution' by Jo Eric Khushal Murkens

15/2016 'Glasnost in the Security Council: The Value of Transparency' by Devika Hovell

16/2016 'Troubling Judgment: The Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project' by Julie McCandless, Máiréad Enright and Aoife O’Donoghue

17/2016 'A Very Successful Action? Historical Wrongs at Common Law' by Thomas Poole and Sangeeta Shah

18/2016 'The Law of Emergency and Reason of State' by Thomas Poole

19/2016 'Hostile Takeovers and the Non-Frustration Rule: Time for a Re-Evaluation' by David Kershaw

20/2016 'The Material Constitution' by Marco Goldoni and Michael A. Wilkinson

21/2016 'The Constitution and Foreign Affairs' by Thomas Poole

23/2016 'Conceptualizing the EU in Traditional Legal Research: How to Deal with Differentiated Integration after Pringle?' by Niels Skovmand Rasmussen

24/2016 'Losing Our Religion? Public Law and Brexit' by Thomas Poole


2016 Summer Issue

10/2016 'Proportionality and Absolute Rights' by Grégoire Webber

11/2016 'Collaborating in a Meritocracy and Post-Crisis Reform ' by Sarah Paterson

12/2016 'Beyond Proportionality: Thinking Comparatively About Constitutional Review and Punitiveness' by Jacco Bomhoff 

13/2016 'Does Legitimacy Necessarily Tame Power? Some Ethical Issues in Translating Procedural Justice Principles into Justice Policy' by Mike Hough, Ben Bradford, Jonathan Jackson & Paul Quinton


2016 Spring Issue ...

2015 Winter Issue ...

17/2015 'The State of Freedom in Europe' by Conor Gearty

18/2015 'Disgorgement – From Property to Contract' by Nicholas W. Sage

19/2015 'Copyright Licensing and the EU Digital Single Market Strategy' by Pablo Ibáñez Colomo

20/2015 'Capital Markets Union' by Philipp Paech

21/2015 'The Liquidity Dilemma and the Repo Market' by Paolo Saguato

22/2015 'Restrictions on Innovation in EU Competition Law' by Pablo Ibáñez Colomo

23/2015 'Enabling and Constraining Police Power' by Ben Bradford & Jonathan Jackson

24/2015 'Right Thinking People – A Feminist Judgment' by Marian Duggan & Julie McCandless

25/2015 'The Internal and External Constraints of Data Protection on Competition Law in the EU' by Francisco Costa-Cabral & Orla Lynskey

2015 Summer Issue ...

2015 Spring Issue ...

01/2015 'Sentencing Mentally Disordered Offenders: Conflicting Objectives, Perilous Decisions and
             Cognitive Insights' by Jill Peay

02/2015 'Of Austerity, Human Rights and International Institutions' by Margot Salomon

03/2015 'The Court of Justice of the EU Judgment on Data Protection and Internet Search Engines' by Christopher Kuner

04/2015 'On the Dual Motivational Force of Legitimate Authority' by Jonathan Jackson

05/2015 'Corporate Law and Self-Regulation' by David Kershaw

06/2015 'Bank Resolution Financing in the Banking Union' by Christos Hadjiemmanuil

07/2015 'Textualisation as Mode of Persuasion for Patent Law and What it Means for Legitimacy' by Sivaramjani Thambisetty

08/2015 'Imprisonment and Political Inequality' by Peter Ramsay

09/2015 'The Value of Insolvency Safe Harbours' by Philipp Paech

10/2015 'The Codetermination Bargains: The History of German Corporate and Labour Law' by Ewan McGaughey

2014 Winter Issue ...

21/2014 'Debating Rape Myths' by Helen Reece

22/2014 'Good Faith and Fair Dealing as an Underenforced Legal Norm' by Paul MacMahon

23/2014 'Why National Constitutional Courts Should Not Embrace EU Fundamental Rights' by Jan Komarek

24/2014 'Learning from Regulatory Disasters' by Julia Black

25/2014 'Volcker Rule, Ring-Fencing or Separation of Bank Activities: Comparison of Structural Reform Acts Around the World' by Matthias Lehmann

26/2014 'Economic Messianism and Constitutional Power in a "German Europe": All Courts are Equal, but Some Courts are More Equal than Others'  by Michael A. Wilkinson

27/2014 'Rethinking the Role of the Law of Corporate Distress in the Twenty-First Century' by Sarah Paterson

28/2014 'The Global Model of Constitutional Rights: A Response to Afonso da Silva, Harel, and Porat' by Kai Möller

29/2014 'Intel and Article 102 TFEU Case Law: Making Sense of a Perpetual Controversy' by Pablo Ibáñez Colomo

2014 Summer Issue ...

WP12/2014 'Governing "As If": Global Subsidies Regulation and the Benchmark Problem' by Andrew Lang

WP13/2014 'Proportionality and the Rule of Law: Rights, Justification, Reasoning: Introduction' by Grant Huscroft, Bradley W. Miller, and Grégoire Webber

WP14/2014'Close-out Netting, Insolvency Law and Conflict-of-Laws' by Phillip Paech

WP15/2014 'Civil Liability of Rating Agencies: An Insipid Sprout from Brussels' by Matthias Lehmann

WP16/2014 'Comparing Serious Violent Crime in the US and England and Wales: Why It Matters, and How It Can Be Done' by Zelia Gallo, Nicola Lacey, and David Soskice

WP17/2014 'Multilayered International Parliamentarism: The Case of EU-Brazil Relations' by Davor Jancic

WP18/2014 'The Impact of the “Ruggie Framework” and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights on Transnational Human Rights Litigation' by Astrid Sanders

WP19/2014 'The Community Infrastructure Levy: Confining Discretionary Activity at Local Level?' by Tola Amodu

WP20/2014 'Behavioural Economics and Labour Law' by Ewan McGaughey


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