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Megan Pearson


Thesis Title: 'Religious Exemptions to Equality Laws in the UK, Canada and the USA: Reconciling Religious Freedom with Gay Rights'

Supervisors: Prof Conor Gearty and Prof Kai Möller

Research Interests: Discrimination Law, Human Rights Law, Freedom of Religion

Recent Publications

'Religious Claims vs. Non-Discrimination Rights: Another Plea for Difficulty' Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion (Forthcoming 2014)

'Article 9 at a Crossroads: Interference Before and After Eweida' (2013) 13(3) Human Rights Law Review 580-602

'Proportionality: A Way Forward for Resolving Religious Claims' in Religion and Law, ed. Nick Spencer (London: Theos, 2012)

Recent Conference Papers

'Religious Exemptions and the Directive for Equal Treatment in Employment', Society of Legal Scholars PhD Conference (Edinburgh University, 2 September 2013)

'Of Gods and Gays: Proportionality and Sexual Orientation Discrimination', Third Bi-annual ICLARS (International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies) Conference (Virgina, USA, 21 August 2013)

'Discrimination and Religious Ministers: Ministerial Exception or Reaney?', Law and Religion Scholars Network Conference, (Cardiff University, 14 May 2013)



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