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Henrietta Zeffert


Thesis Title: 'Home in law'

Supervisors: Professor Susan Marks and Professor Linda Mulcahy

Research Interests: International law, architecture, urban planning, geography, gender, human rights, equality

Recent Publications:

Henrietta Zeffert, “Identifying the invisible: Australian women’s human rights and substantive gender equality”, in Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan (eds), Contemporary Human Rights Issues in Australia,  2012

Henrietta Zeffert, “Report of the Australian Capital Territory Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Project: Time to expand the ACT Human Rights Act 2004?”, Issue 17(2), Nov 2011, Australian Journal of Human Rights

Interests and Affiliations:

Henrietta is a freelance writer and is particularly interested in urban issues. She writes for Right Now, an Australian human rights media organization (, and Assemble Papers, a publication exploring small footprint living across art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and finance ( She has recently published short essays on displacement and transformation of cities during mega events, and on the survival of local shops amid neighbourhood gentrification.  

Henrietta teaches in the LSE Law Masters summer school program and in the Juris Doctor program at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne.



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