Human Rights Law

Human Rights Law

The LSE has a long tradition of specialism in the field of international human rights law and more recently the domestic law of human rights in the United Kingdom. The department has a close association with LSE's Centre for the Study of Human Rights of which Professor Gearty was director for seven years. The Centre has pioneered the inter-disciplinary study of human rights in the United Kingdom.  Its strength derives from its commitment to critical scholarship. The Centre continues to have a number of law department members in its core team. Law Department members have engaged in many intellectual pursuits related to human rights, such as the Hamlyn Lectures in 2005 and a lecture in the Oxford-Amnesty series in 2006. Among departmental members are those who have trained judges in human rights and taken cases in the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords, as well as the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Others are involved in the promotion of human rights in many official capacities, involving the United Nations, The Council of Europe, and the recently established British Equality and Human Rights Commission. Professor Chinkin is a member of the Kosovo Human Rights Advisory Panel which considers individual complaints relating to alleged human rights violations committed by the UN Mission in Kosovo.

Human Rights Law for Undergraduates

Our undergraduate (LLB) courses include:-

LL207, The Law Relating to Civil Liberties in England and Wales

LL242, International Protection of Human Rights

Human Rights Law for Postgraduates

Advanced Issues of European Union Law (LL4B2)

Approaches to Human Rights (SO424 )

Comparative Constitutional Law (LL4F7)

Constitutional Theory (LL444)

Human Rights in the Developing World (LL409)

Human Rights Law in the UK (LL4B6)

Human Rights Law: The European Convention on Human Rights (H)(LL468)

Human Rights Law: The Human Rights Act (H) (LL469)

Human Rights of Women (LL454)

Human Rights in the Workplace (H) (LL4H9)

International Criminal Law (LL445)

International Human Rights (LL453)

International Law and the Use of Force (H) (LL4A8)

The International Law of Armed Conflict and the Use of Force (LL452)

International Law and the Protection of Refugees, Displaced Persons and Migrants (LL460)

The International Law of Self-Determination (H) (LL4K4)

Law and the Holocaust (H) (LL4L4)

Law and Social Theory (LL465)

Law in War (jus in bello) (H) (LL4A9)

Terrorism and the Rule of Law (H) (LL475)

Theory of Human Rights Law (H) (LL4L6)

World Poverty and Human Rights (H) (LL4C2)


Human Rights Law : Monographs

Recent monographs by existing and previous faculty:-


Gearty, C.A and Mantouvalou, V. Debating Social Rights (Hart : 2011)

Gearty, C.A, The Right's Future [online book project]

Gearty, C.A, Essays on Human Rights and Terrorism (Cameron May : 2008)

Downes, D.; Rock P.; Chinkin, C. and Gearty, C.A. Crime, Social Control and Human Rights : Essays in Honour of Stanley Cohen (Willan : 2007)

Salomon, M.E, Global Responsibility for Human Rights: World Poverty and the Development of International Law (Oxford University Press : 2007).

Gearty, C.A, Civil Liberties (2007)

Gearty, C.A, Can Human Rights Survive? (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2006)

Gearty, C.A, Principles of Human Rights Adjudication. (Oxford University Press, Oxford 2004)

Guilhot, N, The Democracy Makers. Human Rights and the Politics of Global Order. (New York: Columbia University Press, 2005.)

Kuper, J., Military Training and Children in Armed Conflict: Law, Policy and Practice (Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden, 2005)

Salomon, M. et al. (eds.) The Peter Townsend Reader (The Policy Press, 2010).

Scott, A., Carter-Ruck on Libel and Privacy (6th edn, London: LexisNexis, 2010), with Cameron Doley, Alastair Mullis, Harvey Starte, Ian Helme, Caroline Addy, and Jonathan Griffiths.

Webber, G.  The Negotiable Constitution: On the Limitation of Rights (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009)


Research Home

Human Rights Law :


Dr Chaloka Beyani

Professor Christine Chinkin

Professor Conor Gearty

Dr Devika Hovell

Dr Stephen Humphreys

Dr Orla Lynskey

Professor Susan Marks

Dr Kai Möller

Dr Thomas Poole

Ms Anthea Roberts

Dr Margot Salomon
(Centre for the Study of Human Rights)

Dr Andrew Scott

Dr Grégoire Webber


Human Rights Law : Professorial Research Fellow

Professor Francesca Klug


Human Rights Law : Research Fellow

Dr Jonathan Bonnitcha

Dr Mara Malagodi

Dr Patricia Palacios Zuloaga

Dr Daniel Wang


Human Rights Law :

Research Students

Anna Chadwick


Thesis Title: 'Financial Speculation, International Law and the Production of Global Poverty'

Supervisors: Professor Susan Marks and Dr Andrew Lang


Bernard Keenan


Thesis Title: 'The use and development of Closed Material Procedures in UK law'

Supervisors: Professor Conor Gearty and Professor Alain Pottage

Research Interests: Social systems theory; human rights and legal subjectivity; materiality of legal procedures; terrorism and national security; secrecy and disclosure; the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.

Megan Pearson


Thesis Title: 'Religious Exemptions to Equality Laws in the UK, Canada and the USA: Reconciling Religious Freedom with Gay Rights'

Supervisors: Prof Conor Gearty and Prof Kai Möller

Research Interests: Discrimination Law, Human Rights Law, Freedom of Religion

Recent Publications

'Religious Claims vs. Non-Discrimination Rights: Another Plea for Difficulty' Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion (Forthcoming 2014)

'Article 9 at a Crossroads: Interference Before and After Eweida' (2013) 13(3) Human Rights Law Review 580-602

'Proportionality: A Way Forward for Resolving Religious Claims' in Religion and Law, ed. Nick Spencer (London: Theos, 2012)

Recent Conference Papers

'Religious Exemptions and the Directive for Equal Treatment in Employment', Society of Legal Scholars PhD Conference (Edinburgh University, 2 September 2013)

'Of Gods and Gays: Proportionality and Sexual Orientation Discrimination', Third Bi-annual ICLARS (International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies) Conference (Virgina, USA, 21 August 2013)

'Discrimination and Religious Ministers: Ministerial Exception or Reaney?', Law and Religion Scholars Network Conference, (Cardiff University, 14 May 2013)

Wendy Teeder


Thesis Title: 'A legal analysis of the scope and application Article 6(1) ECHR in the UK'

Supervisors: Professor Conor Gearty and Dr Thomas Poole

Research Interests: Public law, administrative law and human rights

Sally-Anne Way


Thesis Title: [tbc]

Supervisors: Dr Margot Salomon and Professor Susan Marks

Research Interests: International human rights law, with a special focus on economic, social and cultural rights and issues of poverty, inequality and development. Current research is focused on conflicts between international human rights law and international economic law (trade and investment law) from a political theory perspective. Interests also include critical legal theory, theories of justice and social theory in relation to law and economics, in the context of human rights practice.

Recent Publications and Conference Papers

2011 'The Fight for the Right to Food: Challenges and Prospects' with J.Ziegler, C.Golay, C. Mahon, London: Palgrave Macmillan. [FORTHCOMING]

2006 ‘The right to food and access to justice: Understanding the right to food as a ‘negative’ right’ in M. Borghi, L. Postiglione Blommestein (eds), The Right to Food and Access to Justice, Fribourg, Editions universitaires.

2005 ‘The Role of UN Human Rights Bodies in Promoting and Protecting the Right To Food’ in Food and Human Rights in Development W.B Eide and U. Kracht (eds) Belgium: Intersentia Press, 2005.

2005 “The right to food and clean water” with J. Ziegler and C. Golay in Essentials of Human Rights Smith, R.K.M.and van den Anker, C.(eds) London:Hodder Arnold Press.

2004 « Le droit à l’alimentation », with C. Golay in Géopolitique de la faim. Faim et responsabilités, Action Contre la Faim, Paris, PUF, 2004, pp. 227-243

Susannah Willcox


Thesis Title: 'The implications of climate change inundation for human rights, self-determination and statehood'

Supervisors: Dr Margot Salomon and Professor Leif Wenar (King's College, London)

Research Interests: political philosophy; global ethics; international human rights law; self-determination; migration and citizenship; collective rights; environmental law

Henrietta Zeffert


Thesis Title: Home in law

Supervisors: Professor Susan Marks and Professor Linda Mulcahy

Research Interests: International law, architecture, urban planning, geography, gender, human rights, equality

Recent Publications:

Henrietta Zeffert, “Identifying the invisible: Australian women’s human rights and substantive gender equality”, in Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan (eds), Contemporary Human Rights Issues in Australia,  2012

Henrietta Zeffert, “Report of the Australian Capital Territory Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Project: Time to expand the ACT Human Rights Act 2004?”, Issue 17(2), Nov 2011, Australian Journal of Human Rights

Interests and Affiliations:

Henrietta is a freelance writer and is particularly interested in urban issues. She writes for Right Now, an Australian human rights media organization (, and Assemble Papers, a publication exploring small footprint living across art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and finance ( She has recently published short essays on displacement and transformation of cities during mega events, and on the survival of local shops amid neighbourhood gentrification.  

Henrietta teaches in the LSE Law Masters summer school program and in the Juris Doctor program at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne.

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