Zelia Gallo
Selected articles
and chapters in books

Gallo Z. (2014) ‘Legitimacy and Punitiveness: The Role of Judicial Actors in Italian Penality’ in Deflem M. (ed) Punishment and Incarceration: A Global Perspective. Sociology of Crime Law and Deviance vol. 19 (Bingley: Emerald), pp. 1-29

Gallo Z., Lacey, N., Soskice D (2014) Comparing Serious Violent Crime in the US and England and Wales: Why It Matters, and How It Can Be Done, LSE Legal Studies Working Paper No. 16/2014

Comparative analysis of violent crime is hampered by a lack of reliable statistics, even between relatively similar countries, with doubts about existing studies suggesting that further comparative data is needed. Violent crime presents particular problems of variation in offence definition and recording practices. We can, however, derive reasonably valid comparative data for the US and England and Wales for the narrower category of serious violent crime. We show broadly that the incidence of serious violent crime per capita is between three and seven times as high in the US as in England and Wales. This parallels the comparative data on homicide; existing comparisons with Canada and New Zealand lend further weight to the claim that levels of serious violence in the US are distinctively high.

Book Review: 'Recensione: Luigi M. Solivetti Immigrazione società e crimine. Dati e considerazioni sul caso Italia, il Mulino, Bologna 2013’ , Studi Sulla Questione Criminale. (Forthcoming)

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Dr Zelia Gallo holds an BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe from the University of Oxford, and an MSc in the Sociology of Crime and Deviance from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before beginning her PhD at LSE, Zelia worked as a researcher at the Institute for Criminal Policy Research, London. Zelia's PhD 'The Penality of Politics: Punishment in Contemporary Italy,1970 to 2000' analyses Italian penality as a case study with which to critique theories of contemporary Western punishment.

Research Interests
  • Comparative criminal justice

  • The political economy of punishment

  • The role of political institutions and political culture in shaping punishment, including judicial contributions to national penality.

  • Punishment and migration.