Roger McCormick

Room: New Academic Building 6.02
Tel. 07802 604 316

Roger McCormick is the Director of the Sustainable Finance Project at London School of Economics and Political Science, and a Visiting Professor at LSE. He is also the author of Legal Risk in the Financial Markets (Oxford University Press, 2nd ed. 2010). He retired from full-time private legal practice in 2004, having practised law in the City of London for nearly thirty years.


Research Interests

Banking Law.

Legal Risk in Financial Markets

Sustainable Finance

External Activities
  • Arbitrator (LCIA)
  • Expert witness
  • Consultant
  • Founder Editor of Law and Financial Markets Review Member of two Consultation Panels for the publisher, PLC Member of Consultation Panel on certain local law issues for EBRD Member of IBA Financial Crisis "Task Force"
  • External Examiner for University College of Dublin

Legal Risk in the Financial Markets (2nd ed. Oxford University Press 2010)

Tracing the origins of legal risk as a phenomenon in the global financial markets, particularly in the UK market, this book analyses the different components of legal risk in light of the global financial crisis, identifying characteristics, examples and management strategies, and analyses current and recent legal risk concerns as well as looking to the future. Fully updated from the first edition, this book includes substantial new material on the global financial crisis and its effects on legal risk, coverage of responses to the Crisis in the UK and elsewhere, including G20 proposals and EU initiatives, and substantial new material on globalisation issues. The book also considers the impact of case law, statute law and regulatory change on the management of legal risk.

Selected articles / chapters in books

'Towards a more sustainable financial system: the regulators, the banks and civil society' LFMR Vol 5 No 2 129

'Towards a more sustainable financial system - part 2: Creating an effective civil society response to the Crisis' LFMR Vol 6 No 3 200

'What makes a bank a "sustainable bank"' Law and Economics Yearly Review  Vol 1 Part 1 2012 77