Working Paper Series

2015 Winter Issue

17/2015 'The State of Freedom in Europe' by Conor Gearty

18/2015 'Disgorgement – From Property to Contract' by Nicholas W. Sage

19/2015 'Copyright Licensing and the EU Digital Single Market Strategy' by Pablo Ibáñez Colomo

20/2015 'Capital Markets Union' by Philipp Paech

21/2015 'The Liquidity Dilemma and the Repo Market' by Paolo Saguato

22/2015 'Restrictions on Innovation in EU Competition Law' by Pablo Ibáñez Colomo

23/2015 'Enabling and Constraining Police Power' by Ben Bradford & Jonathan Jackson

24/2015 'Right Thinking People – A Feminist Judgment' by Marian Duggan & Julie McCandless

25/2015 'The Internal and External Constraints of Data Protection on Competition Law in the EU' by Francisco Costa-Cabral & Orla Lynskey

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