Policy Briefing Papers

6/2015 'From Karlsruhe, with Love? Questioning the Constitutionality of Unconventional Monetary Policy' by Michael Wilkinson

7/2015 'Nudge: Three Degrees of Concern' by
Robert Baldwin

8/2015 'Insolvency Law, Restructuring Law and Modern Financial Markets' by Sarah Paterson

9/2015 'Going "Below the Waterline": The Paradoxical Regulation of Secret Surveillance in the UK' by Bernard Keenan

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     Working Paper Series

2015 Spring Issue

01/2015 'Sentencing Mentally Disordered Offenders: Conflicting Objectives, Perilous Decisions and Cognitive Insights' by Jill Peay

02/2015 'Of Austerity, Human Rights and International Institutions' by Margot Salomon

03/2015 'The Court of Justice of the EU Judgment on Data Protection and Internet Search Engines' by Christopher Kuner

04/2015 'On the Dual Motivational Force of Legitimate Authority' by Jonathan Jackson

05/2015 'Corporate Law and Self-Regulation' by David Kershaw

06/2015 'Bank Resolution Financing in the Banking Union' by Christos Hadjiemmanuil

07/2015 'Textualisation as Mode of Persuasion for Patent Law and What it Means for Legitimacy' by Sivaramjani Thambisetty

08/2015 'Imprisonment and Political Inequality' by Peter Ramsay

09/2015 'The Value of Insolvency Safe Harbours' by Philipp Paech

10/2015 'The Codetermination Bargains: The History of German Corporate and Labour Law' by Ewan McGaughey


2014 Winter Issue

21/2014 'Debating Rape Myths' by Helen Reece

22/2014 'Good Faith and Fair Dealing as an Underenforced Legal Norm' by Paul MacMahon

23/2014 'Why National Constitutional Courts Should Not Embrace EU Fundamental Rights' by Jan Komarek

24/2014 'Learning from Regulatory Disasters' by Julia Black

25/2014 'Volcker Rule, Ring-Fencing or Separation of Bank Activities: Comparison of Structural Reform Acts Around the World' by Matthias Lehmann

26/2014 'Economic Messianism and Constitutional Power in a "German Europe": All Courts are Equal, but Some Courts are More Equal than Others'  by Michael A. Wilkinson

27/2014 'Rethinking the Role of the Law of Corporate Distress in the Twenty-First Century' by Sarah Paterson

28/2014 'The Global Model of Constitutional Rights: A Response to Afonso da Silva, Harel, and Porat' by Kai Mller

29/2014 'Intel and Article 102 TFEU Case Law: Making Sense of a Perpetual Controversy' by Pablo Ibez Colomo


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