Working Paper Series

2017 Summer Issue

06/2017 'Perspectives on Liberalisation' by Niamh Dunne

07/2017 'Stewardship and Collateral' by Joanna Benjamin

08/2017 'Democracy as the Legitimating Condition in the UK Constitution' by Jo Eric Khushal Murkens

09/2017 'The Non-Frustration Rule and the Mandatory Bid Rule – Cornerstones of European Takeover Law?' by Mathias Habersack

10/2017 'On Solidarity' by Emmanuel Melissaris

11/2017 'Dworkin's Theory of Rights in the Age of Proportionality' by Kai Möller

12/2017 'Springwell-watch: New Insights Into the Nature of Contractual Estoppel' by Jo Braithwaite

13/2017 'Repo and Derivatives Portfolios Between Insolvency Law and Regulation' by Philipp Paech

14/2017 'Ritual Male Circumcision and Parental Authority' by Kai Möller

15/2017 'Digital Regulation: Designing a Supranational Legal Framework for the Platform Economy' by Michèle Finck

16/2017 'The Governance of Blockchain Financial Networks' by Philipp Paech


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