Working Paper Series

2016 Winter Issue

14/2016 'The Blunders of Brexit: Economics, Sovereignty, and the Constitution' by Jo Eric Khushal Murkens

15/2016 'Glasnost in the Security Council: The Value of Transparency' by Devika Hovell

16/2016 'Troubling Judgment: The Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project' by Julie McCandless, Máiréad Enright and Aoife O’Donoghue

17/2016 'A Very Successful Action? Historical Wrongs at Common Law' by Thomas Poole and Sangeeta Shah

18/2016 'The Law of Emergency and Reason of State' by Thomas Poole

19/2016 'Hostile Takeovers and the Non-Frustration Rule: Time for a Re-Evaluation' by David Kershaw

20/2016 'The Material Constitution' by Marco Goldoni and Michael A. Wilkinson

21/2016 'The Constitution and Foreign Affairs' by Thomas Poole

23/2016 'Conceptualizing the EU in Traditional Legal Research: How to Deal with Differentiated Integration after Pringle?' by Niels Skovmand Rasmussen

24/2016 'Losing Our Religion? Public Law and Brexit' by Thomas Poole

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