Working Paper Series

2014 Summer Issue

12/2014 'Governing "as if"’ by Andrew Lang

13/2014 'Proportionality and the Rule of Law' by Grant Huscroft, Bradley W. Miller, and Grégoire Webber

14/2014 'Close-out netting' by Philipp Paech

15/2014 'Civil liabilities of rating agencies' by Matthias Lehmann

16/2014 'Comparing serious violent crime' by Zelia Gallo, Nicola Lacey, and David Soskice

17/2014 'Multilayered international parliamentarism' by Davor Jancic

18/2014 'The impact of the RUGGIE framework' by Astrid Sanders

19/2014 'The community infrastructure levy' by Tola Amodu

20/2014 'Behavioural economics and labour law' by Ewan McGaughey


2014 Spring Issue

01/2014  'Bureaucratic 'Criminal' Law: Too Much of a Bad Thing?' Jeremy Horder

02/2014  'Novartis v Union of India and the Person Skilled in the Art: A Missed Opportunity' by Sivaramjani Thambisetty

03/2014  'Intermediated Securities and Legal Certainty' by Eva Micheler

04/2014  'The Constitution of the Conflict of Laws' by Jacco Bomhoff

05/2014  'Determinants of Corporate Governance Codes' by Carsten Gerner-Beuerle

06/2014  'The Costs of Separation: Friction between Company and Insolvency Law in the Single Market' by Carsten Gerner-Beuerle and Edmund-Philipp Schuster

07/2014  'Imprisoning the Mentally Disordered: A Manifest Injustice?' by Jill Peay

08/2014  'Politicising Europe's Justice Deficit: Some Preliminaries' by Michael Wilkinson

09/2014  'Theorising International Environmental Law' by Stephen Humphreys and Yoriko Otomo

10/2014  'The Struggle for Legal Reform after Communism' by Jan Komárek  

11/2014  'Law after Lehmans' by Joanne P. Braithwaite


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