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SEMINARS 2016/17

For further information regarding the seminar series, please contact the Forum co-ordinators.

4 May 2017

Chloë Kennedy (University of Edinburgh)

'Questioning Culpability: Lessons from Soterial-Legal History'


16 November 2017

Kimberly Kessler Ferzan (Virginia)

'Reflections on Crime and Culpability'


7 December 2017

Carol Sanger (Columbia)

'The Regulation of Abortion: Criminal and Criminal-Lite'


18 January 2018

Claes Lernestedt (Stockholm)

'Political Ideology and Self-Defence'


15 February 2018

Sarah Sorial (Wollongong)

'Emotions and the Criminal Law: Anger and the Defence of Provocation'


15 March 2018

Amit Pundik (Tel Aviv)

'Proving Causation with Naked Statistical Evidence'




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22 September 2016

Jules Holroyd (Sheffield)

'Implicit Bias, Self-Defence, and the Reasonable Person'

13 October 2016

Josh Bowers (Virginia)

'Understanding the Police'

27 October 2016

Gabriel Mendlow (Michigan)

'Thought Crime'

24 November 2016

Markus Dubber (Toronto)

'The Dual Penal State'

8 December 2016

Liat Levanon (Brunel)

'Bad Character, Tragic Mistakes, and the Puzzle of Uncertainty'

12 January 2017

Alan Norrie (Warwick)

'Rethinking the Moral Grammar of Penal Justice'

2 February 2017

Zelia Gallo (KCL)

'Punishment and Crisis: Politics, Economy, and Penalty in Italy since the Euro Crisis'

23 February 2017

James Edwards (Oxford)

'Criminalisation without Punishment'

16 March 2017

Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov (Swansea)

'Criminal Law, Omissions, and the Absence of Action'

27 April 2017

Ambrose Lee (Derby)

'The Grounds for Proportionate Punishment'

4 May 2017

Chloë Kennedy (University of Edinburgh)

'Questioning Culpability: Lessons from Soterial-Legal History'




1 October 2015

Ngaire Naffine (University of Adelaide)

'Incompatible ideas in criminal legal thought about the law of rape'

29 October 2015

Antje du Bois-Pedain (University of Cambridge)

'The philosophical foundations of humane punishment'

12 November 2015

Stefano Zirulia (Università degli Studi di Milano)

'Toxic torts or toxic crimes? The Italian approach to toxic disasters and their victims'

9 December 2015

Youngjae Lee (Fordham University)

'Reasonable doubt and epistemology of disagreement'

21 January 2016

Vanessa Barker (Stockholm University)

'Crimmigration in Sweden: bans on begging and the logic of benevolent violence'

18 February 2016

Hannah Maslen (University of Oxford)

'Mercy, mitigation, and remorse'

10 March 2016
Lindsay Farmer (Glasgow)

Book launch and discussion:
'Making the modern criminal law: criminalization and civil order'

17 March 2016

Abenaa Owusu-Bempah (City University, London)

'Defendant participation in the criminal process'

28 April 2016

Vincent Chiao (Toronto)

'Criminalization from a public law perspective’




16 October 2014

Dr Henrique Randau da Costa Carvalho (City University London)

The responsible subject as dangerous subject: criminal law’s ambivalences


12 November 2014

Prof. David Garland (Arthur T. Vanderbilt Professor of Law and Professor of Sociology, New York University)

What is penal populism? Politics, the public, and penological expertise

Event co-organised with the LSE Mannheim Centre for Criminology


20 November 2014 -

Dr Patrick Tomlin (University of Reading)

Fair play without retribution


4 December 2014

Dr Kimberley Brownlee (University of Warwick)

The social contribution injustice of punishment


15 January 2015 

Prof. Ian Loader (University of Oxford) and Dr Adam White (University of York)

Private security and regulatory space: in search of the public interest


29 January 2015

Prof. Victor Tadros (University of Warwick)

Wrongs and crimes


19 February 2015

Prof. Elaine Player (King’s College London) and Elaine Genders (University College London)

Rehabilitation, risk and rights: a gendered approach to therapeutic interventions in prison


26 February 2015

Dr Christopher Bennett (University of Sheffield)

The authority of the criminal law


12 March 2015

Dr Ely Aharonson (University of Haifa)

From slave abuse to hate crime: the criminalization of racial violence in American history

Seminar and book launch


23 April 2015

Prof. Mariana Valverde FRSC (Professor of Criminology, Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, University of Toronto)

Seeing crime and managing security: reflections on the criminological gaze


30 April 2015

Prof. Mike Redmayne (Professor of Law, LSE Law)

Character in the criminal trial

Seminar and book launch


17 June 2015

Prof. Tracey Meares (Yale Law School)

Legitimacy and Criminal Justice

Chair: Professor Robert Reiner
Respondents: Professor Mike Hough; Professor Alison Liebling; Professor Andrew Gamble

Event co-organised with the LSE Mannheim Centre for Criminology




5 November 2013

Dr Massimo Renzo (University of Warwick)

Democratic authority and the duty to fight unjust wars


19 November 2013

Prof. Stuart Green (Distinguished Professor of Law and Nathan L. Jacobs Scholar, Rutgers School of Law)

What are the sexual offences?


3 December 2013

Dr Arlie Loughnan (School of Law, University of Sydney)

Historicising criminal responsibility: what about the twentieth century?


21 January 2014

Dr Michele Pifferi (University of Ferrara)

The roots of different penological identities in Europe and the U.S.


11 February 2014

Dr Alejandro Chehtman (School of Law, Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires)

The criminal jurisdiction of occupation courts under law and morality


25 February 2014

Prof. David Ormerod (Law Commissioner for Criminal Law and Evidence and Professor of Criminal Justice, QMUL School of Law)

Contempt of court


18 March 2014

Prof. Paul Roberts (Professor of Criminal Jurisprudence, School of Law, University of Nottingham)

The presumption of innocence: lost and found?


8 May 2014

Prof. Andrew Ashworth (Oxford) and Prof. Lucia Zedner (Oxford)

Preventive Justice

Seminar and book launch

Discussants: Prof. Nicola Lacey (LSE), Prof. Jeremy Horder (LSE), Dr Peter Ramsay (LSE)