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PhD Completions 2014/15

Law Department students awarded with their PhD in the academic session 2014/15:-

Mark Searl
'A Normative Theory of International Law Based on New Natural Law Theory'
Dr. Emmanuel Melissaris and Dr. Stephen Humphreys


PhD Completions 2013/14

Law Department students awarded with their PhD in the academic session 2013/14:-

Helen Coverdale
'Punishing with care: treating offenders as equal persons in criminal punishment'
Professor Nicola Lacey and Dr Peter Ramsay and Professor Anne Phillips

Johanna Jacques
'From Nomus to Hegung: war captivity and international order'

Professor Tim Murphy and Mr Alain Pottage

Nicolas Lamp
'Lawmaking in the Multilateral Trading System'
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Lang and Mr Alain Pottage

Charles Majinge
'The United Nations, The African Union and the rule of law in Southern Sudan'
Supervisors: Dr Chaloka Beyani and Professor Christine Chinkin

Vladimir Meerovitch
'Investor Protection and equity markets: an evaluation of private enforcement of related party transactions in Russia'
Supervisor: Professor David Kershaw

Karla O'Regan
'Beyond Illusion: A juridical genealogy of consent in criminal and medical law'
Supervisor: Professor Susan Marks

Megan Pearson
'Religious exemptions to equality laws: reconciling religious freedom with gay rights'
Supervisors: Professor Conor Gearty and Dr Kai Moller

Nicolas Perrone
'The International Investment Regime and Foreign Investors' Rights: Another View of a Popular Story'
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Lang and Dr Ken Shadlen

Yaniv Roznai
'Unconstitutional constitutional amendments: a study of the nature and limits of constitutional amendment powers'
Supervisors: Professor Martin Loughlin and Dr Thomas Poole

Amarjit Singh
'Compliance requirements under International Law: the illustration of human rights compliance in international projects'
Supervisor: Professor Christine Chinkin


PhD Completions 2012/13

Law Department students awarded with their PhD in the academic session 2012/13:-

Perveen Ali
'States in crisis: sovereignty, humanitarianism and refugee protection in the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq war'
Supervisors: Dr Chaloka Beyani and Dr Margot Salomon

Kirsten Campbell
'The justice of humans: humanitarian crimes and the laws of war'
Supervisors:  Dr Stephen Humphreys and Professor Nicola Lacey

Zelia Gallo
'The penalty of politics: punishment in contemporary Italy 1970-2000'
Supervisors: Professor Nicola Lacey and Dr Peter Ramsay

Ugljesa Grusic
'The international employment contract; ideal, reality and regulatory function of European private international law of employment
Supervisor: Professor Hugh Collins and Dr Jan Kleinheisterkamp

Chi Hsing Ho
Socio-legal perspectives on biobanking: the case of Taiwan'
Supervisors: Professor Tim Murphy

Mary Catherine Lucey
'The interface between competition law and the restraint of trade doctrine for professionals: understanding its evolution and proposing its solution'
Supervisor: Professor Hugh Collins

Sabina Manea
Instrumentalising Property: An Analysis of Rights in the EU Emissions Trading System
Supervisors: Professor Julia Black and Dr Veerle Heyvaert

Udoka Nwosu
'Head of state immunity in international law'
Supervisor: Dr Chaloka Beyani

Daniel Wang
'Can litigation promote fairness in Healthcare? The judicial review of rationing decisions in Brazil and England.'
Supervisors: Professor Conor Gearty and Dr Thomas Poole


PhD Completions 2011/12

Law Department students awarded with their PhD in the academic session 2011/12:-

Luis Barroso
'The Problems and the Controls of the New Administrative State of the EU'
Supervisors: Professor Julia Black and Professor Damian Chalmers

Paul Benral
'Do deficiencies in data privacy threaten ourautonomy and if so, can informational privacy rights meet this threat?'
Professor Conor Gearty and Professor Andrew Murray

Paraskevi Boukli
'Imaginary penalities: reconsidering anti-trafficking discourses and technologies'
Supervisors: Professor Christine Chinkin and Professor Susan Marks

Isabel Calich
'The impact of globalisation on the position of developing countries in the international tax system'
Supervisor: Ian Roxan

Benjamin Dille
Ill fares the land: the legal consequences of land confiscations by the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua,1979-1990
Supervisor: Professor Simon Roberts

Seema Farazi
'Nuclear Threats and Military Responses'
Supervisors: Professor Christine Chinkin and Professor Susan Marks

Eyal Geva
'Corporate and Corporate Insolvency Restructuring: Employee Voice in an Anglo-American Perspective'
Supervisor: Professor Vanessa Finch

David Hood
'What model for regulating employee discipline and grievances most effectively supports the policy objective of partnership at work?'
Supervisors: Professor Hugh Collins and Professor David Kershaw

Matthew John
'Rethinking the Secular State: Perspective on Constitutional Law in Post-Colonial India'
Supervisors: Professor Martin Loughlin and Professor Tim Murphy

Andreas Kotsakis
'The Biological Diversity Complex: A History of Environmental Government'
Dr Veerle Heyvaert and Professor Martin Loughlin

Emily Laidlaw
'Internet Gatekeepers, Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibilities'
Supervisors: Professor Conor Gearty and Professor Andrew Murray

Jeffrey Benjamin Meyers
'Toward a Negri-inspired theory of c/Constitution: A Canadian case study'
Supervisors: Professor Tim Murphy and Dr Igor Stramignoni

Abhijit Pandya
'Coherence and Interpretations of the Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in Investment Treaty Arbitration'
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Lang and Dr Jan Kleinheisterkamp

Lorenzo Sasso
'Capital structure and corporate governance: the role of hybrid financial instruments'
Supervisors: Professor Paul Davies and Dr Eva Micheler

Chenwei Zhu
'Authoring Collaborative Projects: A Study of Intellectual Property and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Licensing Schemes from a Relational Contract Perspective'
Supervisors: Anne Barron and Professor Linda Mulcahy


PhD Completions 2010/11

Law Department students awarded with their PhD in the academic session 2010/11:-

Miguel Correia
'The Taxation of Corporate Groups Under a Corporation Income Tax: An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Tax Law Analysis.'
Supervisor: Ian Roxan

Christine Evans
'The Right to Reparations in International Law for Victims of Armed Conflict: Convergence of Law and Practice?'
Supervisors: Dr Margot Salomon and Professor Gerry Simpson

Emily Haslam
'Between Consent and Contestation: Civil Society, Justice and International Criminal Law'
Supervisors: Dr Margot Salomon and Professor Gerry Simpson

Guoming Li
'The Constitutional relationship between China and Hong Kong: a study of the status of Hong Kong in China's system of government under the principle of "one country, two systems"'
Supervisors: Professor Martin Loughlin and Professor Tim Murphy

Jiabo Liu
'Copyright Expansion and Industrial Growth : A Case Study of the UK Book Publishing Industry'
Supervisor: Professor Andrew Murray

David Mangan
Thesis Title:
'Challenges of Change: Teachers, Government and Reform'
Professor David Kershaw, Dr Julian Fulbrook and Dr Bob Simpson.

Charlotte Peevers
'Justifying Force: From the Suez Crisis to the Iraq War'
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Lang and Ms Anthea Roberts

Stephanie Roberts
'The Decision Making Process of Appeals Against Conviction in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)'
Supervisor: Professor Andrew Murray

Edite Ronnen
'Mediation in a Conflict Society. An Ethnographic View on Mediation Processes in Israel.'
Professor Simon Roberts

Matteo Solinas
'Legal evolution and hybridization: The law shares transfer in England'
Supervisors: Dr Eva Micheler and Professor David Kershaw

Kraijakr Thiratayakinant
'Multilateral supervision of regional trade agreements: developing countries' perspectives'
Professor Francis Snyder and Dr Andrew Lang

Qianlan Wu
'Competition Laws, Globalization and Legal Pluralism: China's Experience'
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Lang and Professor Francis Snyder


PhD Completions 2009/10

Ely Aharonson
The Role of'Pro-Black' Criminalization Policy in Enabling and Contraining the Mobilization of Eqalitarian Racial Reform, US 1669-2008
Supervisors: Professor Robert Reiner and Professor Nicola Lacey

Matthias Boizard
'The Sell-Out Right as an Agency Control Mechanism'
: Professor Paul Davies

Alan Brady
'A Structural, Institutionally Sensitive Model of Proportionality and Deference Under the Human Rights Act 1998'
Supervisor: Professor Conor Gearty and Dr Manolis Melissaris

Reza Djojosugito
'The Role of Project Financing in Promoting Transfer of Technology (for the Microelectronic Industry in Indonesia)'
: Sir Ross Cranston FBA

Martin Dumas
'On Limitations to the Transformative Power of Consumocratic Law: The Paradigmatic Case of Rugmark.'
Professor Tim Murphy and Professor Julia Black

Elizabeth Franey
'Immunity, Individuals and International Law. Which Individuals are Immune from the Jurisdiction of National Courts under International Law?'
: Professor Christopher Greenwood and Dr Chaloka Beyani

Debbie De Girolamo
'The Fugitive Identity of Mediation: Negotiations, Shift Changes and Allusionary Action.'
Supervisors: Professor Simon Roberts and Prof Mike Redmayne

Panagiotis Kapotas
'Positive action as a means to achieve full and effective equality in Europe.'
: Professor Hugh Collins and Dr Thomas Poole

Demetra Pappas
'The Politics of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: A Comparative Case Study of Emerging Criminal Law and the Criminal Trials of Jack "Dr.Death" Kevorkian.'
Supervisors: Professor Robert Reiner and Professor Paul Rock

Heba Shahein
'The Development of Competition Law and Policy in Egypt: National and International Factors'
: Mr Giorgio Monti and Dr Andrew Scott


PhD Completions 2008/09

Aseel Al-Ramahi
'Competing Rationalities: The Evolution of Arbitration in Commercial Disputes in Modern Jordan'
: Professor Simon Roberts

Natalia Andreicheva
'The Role of Legal Capital Rules in Creditors Protection: Contrasting the Demands of Western Market Economies with Ukraine's Transitional Economy'
: Professor Sarah Worthington

Marina Brilman
'Georges Canguilhem: Norms and Knowledge in the Life Sciences'
: Mr Alain Pottage and Dr Emmanuel Melissaris

Alejandro Chehtman
'The Morality of Extraterritorial Punishment'
: Professor Gerry Simpson and Prof Mike Redmayne and Prof Cecile Fabre (Edinburgh)

Heather Harrison-Dinniss
'The status and use of computer network attacks in international humanitarian law'
: Professor Christopher Greenwood

Kati Kulovesi
'The WTO Dispute Settlement System and the challenge of environment and legitimacy'
Supervisor: Dr Veerle Heyvaert

Indianna Minto
'The role of incumbent firms in telecommunications reform: the case of Jamaica and Ireland'
Supervisors: Professor Robert Baldwin and Professor Damian Chalmers

Michael Reynolds
'Caseflow Management: A Rudimentary Referee Process, 1919-70'
: Professor Simon Roberts

Jaejin Shim
'The right to equality of workers'
: Professor Hugh Collins

John Upton
'The Constitutional Thought of Joseph de Maistre'
Supervisor: Professor Martin Loughlin and Dr Tim Hochstrasse

Marisa Vallely
'Mediation and Conciliation in disputes about special educational needs: Proportionate dispute resolution or justice on the cheap?'
Supervisor: Professor Jill Peay

Ting Xu
'Property rights, governance and socio-economic transformation: the revival of private property and its limits in Post-Mao China'
Supervisors: Professor Tim Murphy and Dr Tatiana Flessas

Benjamin Yu Min Yong
'Becoming national: contextualising the construction of the New Zealand Nation-State'
  Professor Martin Loughlin


PhD Completions 2007/08

Law Department students awarded with their PhD in the academic session 2007/08:-

George Chifor
'Cutting Down the Law to Seize the Devil: Exploring the Relationship between Legality and Legitimacy in the Context of Humanitarian Intervention'
Supervisor: Professor Gerry Simpson

Sung Soo Hong
'The Regulatory Dilemma in Human Rights: The Status and Role of the National Human Rights Institution'
Supervisors: Professor Tim Murphy and Professor Martin Loughlin

Manuel Iturralde
'Punishment and Authoritarian Liberalism: the Politics of Emergency Criminal Justice in Colombia (1984-2006)'
Supervisors: Professor Nicola Lacey and Professor Tim Murphy

Michail Kritikos
'Institutions and Science in the Authorization of GMO Releases in the European Union (1990-2007): The False Promise of Proceduralism'
Supervisor: Professor Damian Chalmers and Dr Veerle Heyvaert

Arlie Loughnan
'Mental Incapacity Defences in Criminal Law'
Supervisors: Professor Nicola Lacey and Jill Peay

Duncan Matthews
'Characterising EC Regulation: Emulation, Innovation, Re-regulation'
Supervisor: Professor Robert Baldwin

Guenael Mettraux
'Command responsibility in international law - the boundaries of criminal liability for military commanders and civilian leaders'
Supervisor: Professor Christopher Greenwood

Daryl Mundis
'The Law of Naval Exclusion Zones'
Supervisor:  Professor Christopher Greenwood

Chidi Odinkalu
'Regional integration and Human Rights in Africa'
: Dr Chaloka Beyani

Anestis Papadopoulos
'The Role of the Competition Law and Policy of the EU in the Formation of International Agreements on Competition'
Supervisor: Giorgio Monti

Wei Shen
'Beyond the New York Convention'
: Professor Simon Roberts

Charlie Webb
'Property, Unjust Enrichment and Restitution'
Supervisor: Professor Sarah Worthington


PhD Completions 2006/07

Law Department students awarded with their PhD in the academic session 2006/07:-

Tola Amodu
'The transformation of planning agreements as regulatory instruments in land-use planning in the twentieth century.'
Professor Martin Loughlin

Louise Arimatsu
'Defences in International Criminal Law'
: Professor Gerry Simpson

Ruke Dukes
'Workplace worker representation in Germany and the UK: from industrial democracy to partnership'
Supervisor: Paul Davies

Christian HjiPanayi
'Double Taxation, Tax Treaties, Treaty Shopping and the European Community'
Supervisor: Dr Ian Roxan

Chieh Huang
State-Trading Countries in the World Trade Organisation - A Case study of Trading Rights Reform in China 
Supervisor: Professor Francis Snyder

Bisher Khasawneh
'An appraisal of the right of return and compensation of Jordanian nationals of Palestinian origin and Jordan's right under international law, to bring claims relating thereto, on their behalf to and against Israel and to seek compensation as a host state in light of the conclusion of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty of 1994.'
Supervisor:  Professor Christopher Greenwood

Despina Kyprianou
'The role of the Cyprus Attorney General's Office in Prosecutions: Rhetoric, Ideology and Practice.'
Supervisor: Professor Jill Peay

Virginia Mantouvalou
'Labour Rights under the European Convention on Human Rights'
Supervisor: Professor Hugh Collins

Kris Panijpan
'Market dynamics in corporate governance: Lessons from recent developments in English Law'
Supervisor: Professor Tim Murphy

Jungwon Park
Minority rights constraints on a State's power to regulate citizenship under international law.
Supervisor: Dr Chaloka Beyani


PhD Completions 2005/06

Law Department students awarded with their PhD in the academic session 2005/06:-

Shane Bryans
'Prison Governance: An exploration of the changing role and duties of the prison governor in HM Prison Service.'
Supervisor: Professor Robert Reiner

Philip Chang
'Sociological economic analysis of law: A theoretical framework for understanding the correlative aspects of law and economics'
Supervisor: Professor Hugh Collins

Caitriona Drew
'Population Transfer: The Untold Story of the International Law of Self-Determination'
Supervisor: Professor Christine Chinkin

Jesse Elvin
'Political Correctness, Feminism and Law Reform in England'
Supervisor: Professor Christine Chinkin

Zeina Ghandour
'Indirect rule in Mandate Palestine'
: Professor Simon Roberts

Gus Van Harten
'The emerging system of international investment arbitration'
Supervisor: Professor Martin Loughlin

Kirsten Lampe
'Human rights in the context of EU foreign policy and enlargement'
Supervisor: Dr Chaloka Beyani

Shay Menuchin
'The Dilemma of International Tax Arbitrage: A comparative analysis using the cases of hybrid financial instruments and cross border leasing.'
Supervisor: Dr Ian Roxan

Kris Panijpan
'Market dynamics in corporate governance: Lessons from recent developments in English Law'
Supervisor: Professor Tim Murphy

Everard Phillips
'Recognising the language of calypso as "Symbolic Action" in Resolving Conflict in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago'
Supervisor: Professor Simon Roberts

Rod Rastan
'Closing the Enforcement Gap: The International Criminal Court and National Authorities.'
:  Professor Christopher Greenwood

Tamara Relis
'Parallel worlds of disputes and mediation'
Supervisor: Professor Simon Roberts

Iyiola Solanke
'The evolution of anti-racial discrimination law in England, Germany and the European Union'
Supervisor: Professor Nicola Lacey

Charlotte Steinorth
'Democratic Governance and International Law: Ideas and Realities'
Supervisor: Dr Chaloka Beyani

Stephen Tully
'Corporations and International Lawmaking'



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