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Competition, Innovation and Trade Law

The world economy has changed significantly in the past two decades. This specialism focuses on two main factors behind this trend. One of them is the liberalisation of economic activities, which is manifested in the opening to competition of a number of key sectors (telecommunications, transport, postal services) at the national level and in the increase in international trade. The second one is the crucial relevance of 'information' and 'knowledge' in the world economy.

As a result of these changes, the legal disciplines covered in this specialism have acquired major practical importance. The sectors that were formerly organised around a State-owned monopoly are now subject to competition rules. International trade is subject to the rules of the World Trade Organisation. These mirror, and are complemented by, the Treaties governing trade at the regional level (including the European Union). Finally, the rise of intellectual property Competition, Innovation and Trade Law rights is a very visible trend.

Given the 'transnational' nature of these three disciplines, these courses provide a global perspective on the issues. Instead of focusing on a single jurisdiction, class discussions typically revolve around the principles underlying the law and its practical implementation. Similarly, an emphasis is placed on the interface between disciplines, which greatly overlap one another in their logic and objectives. Some courses are at the crossroads of disciplines (e.g. EU State Aid Law). Others discuss how one discipline influences another (for instance, the rise of intellectual property has greatly influenced the evolution of competition rules and their scope of application).


LL4AA  Global Copyright Policy: Contemporary Issues

LL4AF  Principles of Global Competition Law

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Competition Law: Challenges and Prospects


Global Trade Governance: Contemporary Issues


Foundations of International Economic Law


The Legal Protection of Inventions


Innovation, Technology and Patent Law


Current Issues in Intellectual and Cultural Property Law


Principles of Copyright Law




E-Commerce Law


Digital Rights, Privacy and Security


EU State Aid Law