LLB Bachelor of Laws

LLB Programme Objectives

  • to equip students with a sound understanding of the foundations of legal knowledge, enabling them to obtain exemption from the common professional examination

  • to offer students the opportunity to study law from an extensive catalogue of optional subjects, covering the entire range of legal knowledge

  • to develop students' analytical and research skills, equipping them with the generic skills they will need in their future careers

  • to expose students to a wide range of disciplinary approaches to legal study, encouraging them to reflect on the complexity of legal practice and of the variety of ways of understanding law's role in contemporary society

LLB Programme benefits

  • teaching by a large, diverse staff of leading scholars in their specialist fields

  • learning within a talented and diverse student cohort

  • teaching and learning within the intellectually challenging and cosmopolitan setting of one of the world's leading social science institutions

  • teaching and learning at the heart of legal London, in close proximity to parliament, the law courts, the inns of courts, city firms and government departments

  • teaching and learning that equips graduates with the range of skills they will need to excel in their future careers



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