Knowledge Exchange and Impact

What is 'knowledge exchange' and what is 'impact'?

Through a two-way flow of knowledge and expertise, the proceeding impact that can occur is often a direct result of this process.  Research that is rich in knowledge exchange activity is most likely to lead to impact in the wider society, whether that is in international or local policy areas, within industry and third sector organisations, or experienced by individuals and public groups.  The LSE adopts a wide definition of impact, which includes any change brought about as a result of LSE research or expertise, whether this is concrete or conceptual change, and it also includes any impact that occurs as a result of academic expertise, or as a result of specific pieces of research. 

Research Councils UK and the Higher Education Funding Council for England have defined knowledge exchange, and impact in the following way:

RCUK definition of knowledge exchange:

'The two-way flow of people and ideas between the research environment and wider economy, thereby contributing to national prosperity, the quality of life of citizens, and cultural enrichment of our society. Knowledge transfer encompasses the systems and processes by which knowledge, expertise and skilled people transfer between the research environment and its user communities in industry, commerce, public and private sector.'

  REF definition of impact:

' an effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia'



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