Dr Nuno  F da Cruz

Dr Nuno F da Cruz

Assistant Professorial Research Fellow

LSE Cities

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English, Portuguese
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Urban Planning, National Policy

About me

Nuno F da Cruz is an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Research Fellow at LSE Cities and the Coordinator of the New Urban Governance project. Upon completing his MSc, and while working in the private sector, he won a PhD Studentship awarded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. After this, his research activities resulted in the publication of several journal articles on a wide range of policy issues, including local governance, transparency and sustainability indicators, performance measurement and benchmarking, management and delivery of urban services, corporatisation, privatisation and public-private partnership arrangements, and a number of interrelated topics. His latest research efforts have been focused on network urban governance. As a consultant, Nuno has been a frequent collaborator with Transparency International (TI). Among other consultancy projects, he was responsible for developing several Local Government Transparency Indices. Moreover, he was the Principal Investigator responsible for piloting TI’s Local Integrity System (LIS) Tool in Portugal. Nuno has also been lecturing and convening training workshops related to both his research and consultancy efforts. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Urban Affairs Review.


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