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CIBL staff

Management team


Dr Neil McLean

UK Director

Dr McLean is based at the London School of Economics and Political Science where he is the Director of Academic & Professional Development division, the university’s central division for educational and academic enhancement.



Associate Professor Weimin Cheng

China Director

Ms Cheng is an Associate Professor in Chinese at Tsinghua University, Beijing. She obtained her academic training in Chinese Language and Linguistics from Beijing Normal University.



Professor Kent Deng

Associate UK Director

Professor Deng is a Reader in Economic History, Director of China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN) and Co-Director of the Confucius Institute for Business London (CIBL) at LSE. Prof. Deng is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (FRHistS) and Secretary of the 'History and Economic Development Group', UK.



Dr Hong Lu, OBE

Deputy Director

Dr Hong Lu has a PhD in ICT support teaching and training. She has been a higher education language instructor & teacher trainer since 1988, both in the UK and China. She specialises in executive education relating to cross-cultural studies and cultural awareness training.



Dr Catherine Xiang

Academic Director

Dr Catherine Hua Xiang (MEd, PhD) works as the East Asian Language Coordinator in Language Centre at the London School of Economics. Her main research interest lies in the field of applied linguistics, cross-cultural communication and pragmatics.



Mr Craig Meegan

Institute Manager

Mr Meegan is the Institute Manager of CIBL.  He works closely with the Deputy Director, alongside UK and Chinese Directors of the Confucius Institute for efficient day-to-day management. He plays a key role in organising CIBL events, HR and administrative procedures.



Dr Amily Wang

Business Chinese Coordinator

Dr Wang is the Business Chinese Coordinator of CIBL. Her research interests are communication in business and health context. She specialises in the metaphorical thinking in language, and Chinese medicine. She has published widely and her new book “Traditional Chinese Medicine in Modern Era” has just been published.


Mandarin teacher


Associate Professor Dr Ping Li

Mandarin teacher

Dr Li is the Associate Professor and Master Tutor of Beijing Language and Culture University. Her research field is in traditional Chinese culture and philosophy. She is responsible for delivering beginner and intermediate business Chinese courses for HSBC. Dr Li also teaches several campus courses at CIBL.



Associate Professor Yuhui Yang

Mandarin teacher

Ms Yang, Associate Professor in the School of Foreign Languages of Harbin Institute of Technology, got her Master of Arts in 2006 from Harbin Institute of Technology. She has been teaching non-English major students English for more than 20 years in HIT. She has been to Carleton University, Canada and Purdue University, America as a visiting scholar. Her interests are second language acquisition and intercultural communication. Presently she is working in CIBL as a Mandarin teacher. 



Associate Professor Dr Jingxi Chen

Mandarin teacher

Dr Chen Jingxi, MA and PhD in Language and Literature, has been teaching English and Chinese in China, Thailand and UK. He has published a dozen papers and autographed Cultivating the Communicative Competence in TCSOL Setting. Dr Chen’s fields cover TESOL & TCSOL, as well as Chinese and English comparative literature.



Associate Professor Dun Liao

Mandarin teacher

Mr Liao has a degree in English Language and Education. He teaches Mandarin Programs for business professionals as well as pupils at CIBL's Confucius Classroom partner schools, including Dulwich College and Christ's College Finchley. He also liaises with and coordinates other public school and state school partners to offer support with CIBL's expertise. Mr Liao joined LSE in 2016 and before that he taught Mandarin at Tajik National Universtiy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan for four years.


Associate Professor Mayinuer Bawudong

Mandarin teacher

Ms Bawudong has a degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She teaches on-campus and corporate Business Mandarin Programmes. As a teacher, her No.1 aim is to maximise learners’ improvements in Mandarin communication competence in very tight time-frames with all the resources I can get. Ms Bawudong joined LSE in 2016 and has delivered courses in Bank of England and HSBC. She taught Mandarin at Tajik National University in Dushanbe for four years before LSE.


Li Jing

Professor Dr Jing Li

Mandarin teacher

Professor in “Second language acquisition” in Anhui University of Science and Technology. PhD of British and American Literature Ecocriticism in Shanghai International Studies University. She lectured on Chinese Culture and Modern Chinese Literature in United States and South Korea. She is a member of the Project “China-Vine” of United States Department of Education. Dr Li has published more than a dozen of National and Provincial papers and presided over more than twenty National and Provincial projects. She also gained the National Excellent Teaching Quality Award in 2012 and is a speaker on Mandarin at Language Show of London 2017.



Ms Yang Wang

Mandarin teacher

Ms Wang obtained her Master’s degree from Beijing Language and Culture University in 2005. Prior to CIBL, she has been at the International Chinese language and culture centre in Tsinghua University since 2005.During 2007-2008, she taught at the College of William and Mary in the States. She spent a year in teaching as an exchange teacher in Ferris University in Japan during 2015-2016.



Mr Fei Yuan

Mandarin teacher

Mr Yuan received his M.A. in linguistics from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Before joining CIBL, he taught Mandarin at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua, administered by Stanford University. His research interests are syntax and second language acquisition.

Marketing and Recruitment



Ms Joyce Yip

Digital Marketing & Recruitment Executive

Ms Yip obtained her MSc in Media and Communications (Governance) with Distinction at LSE in 2016. She has lived and studied in Hong Kong, New Zealand, France and the UK.  Her research interests include media policy, diasporic communications and social media.  Prior to joining CIBL, she has worked in government, media agencies and in-house marketing departments.

Administration supportive staff


Ms Luolan Zhang

Teaching assistant

Ms Zhang has a Masters in Teaching Chinese as a second language -Xiamen University. Her research area lies in Chinese interrogative question in European Sinology Studies in the 17th -19th Century Chinese version.



Mr Heqiang Li

Confucius classroom assistant

Mr Li graduated from Beijing International Studies University and majored in Teaching Chinese as A Second Language. He worked as an assistant teacher in New Oriental School in 2015. Since 2016, he has been working as an intern at CIBL, playing a role in both teaching in Confucius classroom and doing administrative work in the office.



Ms Rize Wang

External relations assistant

Ms Wang is a graduate student from Institute of Education, Tsinghua University, studying Higher Education. She worked as an HRTA intern at Mondelez International in 2016, Beijing and as an intern at Passenger Service Department in 2015, All Nippon Airways, Tokyo.



Ms Mengfei Zhang

Events assistant

Ms Zhang graduated from Tianjin Normal University, majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other languages. She has also worked as a mandarin teacher at Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi, Kenya.


Zhu Chenxi

Ms Chenxi Zhu

External relations assistant

Ms Zhu is a graduate student from Jilin University, majoring in Teaching Chinese To Speakers of Other Languages. She worked as an intern at Jilin University in 2017.


Ni Sijing

Ms Sijing Ni

Confucius classroom assistant

Ms Ni graduated from Hainan Normal University, majoring in primary education. She worked as a mandarin teacher at Confucius Institute at SEGi University in Malaysia.


1Wang Xuan

Ms Xuan Wang

Events assistant

Ms Wang majored in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Fudan University. She worked as a Mandarin teaching assistant on the University of Virginia’s Summer Programme, and as a Mandarin teacher at Washington University on the St. Louis Autumn Programme in 2016. She also worked as a Mandarin teacher at the International Culture and Exchange School, Fudan University in 2017.