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Panos Kanavos

Panos Kanavos

Dr Panos Kanavos is the Programme Director of the Risk Sharing Summit and Reader in International Health Policy at LSE. He is also Programme Director of the Medical Technology Research Group (MTRG) at LSE Health, concentrating on interdisciplinary and comparative policy research on medical technologies. In addition to his work at LSE, Panos is also Visiting Professor at the University of Basel, Switzerland. He also has a Visiting Appointment with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

Panos has previously acted as an advisor to a number of international governmental and nongovernmental organisations, including the European Commission and the World Health Organization. Comparative health policy and healthcare reform, pharmaceutical economics and socio-economic determinants of health are some of his many research interests.


Jakub Adamski

Jakub Adamski, LL.M., is an EU policy chief expert at the Ministry of Health in Poland. He is an expert on pricing and reimbursement to several EU working groups as well as a member of intergovernmental networks of EU Member States authorities competent for pricing and reimbursement. He is responsible for pricing and reimbursement of hospital drugs and specialises in rare diseases. Jakub is also a co-author of several papers on health care issues as well as books: 'Pricing' and ‘Health insurances and health service baskets'. He is currently working on his PhD at the University of Lyon I.

Karl Arnberg

Karl Arnberg

Karl Arnberg has worked at the TLV (Sweden’s Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency) since 2004. He currently serves as a Senior Health Economist at the unit for reassessment of reimbursed drugs. He is, among other things, currently participating in TLV’s work with the further development of value-based pricing in Sweden, in which MEA may be an important factor. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Economics from Lund University, Sweden.


Charles Barker

Charles Barker is a founding partner of CMI Concord Group, Inc. a collaborative negotiation and conflict management firm, and Managing Director of PrimeMover Associates, a consulting firm dedicated to building world-class collaborative national health care systems. 

Charles has advised, taught, coached, and mediated for business, governmental, public interest, academic, and religious organisations world-wide for over 25 years. He is a LSE Visiting Professor in health economics negotiations. He also teaches at law schools and seminaries, writes articles, and has created and appears with the late Roger Fisher in instructional videos and DVDs based on Getting to YES and more recently emerging negotiation theory. 

Currently, Charles’ commercial focus is on health care, financial services, and management consulting. He helps national health care system, hospital, life science industry, and insurance clients improve their collaborative negotiation capacity and results in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Christophe Carbonel

Christophe Carbonel

Christophe Carbonel is the Head of Market Pricing, overlooking worldwide pricing and access implementation at Novartis Pharma AG, Basel. He has a multi-regional view of the impact of various healthcare policies (and more specifically of Pricing and Reimbursement policies) on patient access to medicines, reward and incentive for innovation brought by pharmaceuticals and contribution of pharmaceuticals to the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Christophe trained as a physician at Paris Medical School, earned an MBA at Groupe HEC in Paris and has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry with over 12 years’ experience in the pricing and access of pharmaceuticals. He created the global strategic pricing function at Novartis, integrating the needs of payers into development programs. More recently Christophe held the position of Head of Pricing and Market Access in Japan, negotiating access for more than 10 different brands with Japanese authorities.

Salvatore D'Acunto

Salvatore D'Acunto

Salvatore D'Acunto is a lawyer by profession. He joined the European Commission in 1993 where, as Administrator in the Directorate-General Internal Market, was in charge for services users' rights and for issues related with electronic commerce and television.

In 2004 he became Deputy Head of Unit in the Directorate-General Internal Market where he took part in negotiations of the proposal of Directive 2006/123 on Services (Bolkestein) and various actions in specific sectors (pharmacy, retailing, oil stations, gambling, privatisations, sport and tourism).

In February 2009 became the Head of Unit for "Services of general economic interest, passenger rights & infringements” in the Directorate-General for Mobility & Transport.

Since January 2012 he has been Head of Unit for Food and Healthcare Industries, Biotechnology in the Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry.

Alessandra Ferrario

Alessandra Ferrario

Alessandra Ferrario is Programme Co-Director for the Summit and a Research Officer in pharmaceutical and health policy at LSE. Her research focuses on access to medicines and non-communicable diseases. One of her current research projects looks at improving budget impact and cost-effectiveness of pharmaceutical products through the introduction of managed entry and risk-sharing agreements. She is also studying the burden and management of diabetes, both from a health and economic perspective, as part of a multi-country study in low- and middle-income countries. As part of her work on access to medicines, Alessandra is working with the World Health Organization on issues around availability, affordability and quality of medicines in the Republic of Moldova.

She holds an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing (LSE/LSHTM), MSc in Epidemiology (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel) and BSc in Molecular Biology (University of Basel).

Ansgar Hebborn

Ansgar Hebborn

Ansgar Hebborn is Roche Pharma’s Head of Global Market Access Policy based in Basel, Switzerland. In this role Ansgar is responsible for the development of Roche’s external policy positions and projects on a number of market access subjects including HTA and pricing. Ansgar is a member and active contributor to national and international pharmaceutical policy forums as well as professional associations. He currently represents Roche in relevant industry associations e.g. in EFPIA as a member of the Economic and Social Policy Committee (ESPC) and the HTA Working Group. During the past couple of years, Ansgar has taken an active role as advisor and stakeholder representative in various HTA collaboration networks e.g. EUnetHTA and the HTAi Policy Forum, and has also been involved in the foundation of other initiatives in this field e.g. the Green Park Collaborative and SwissHTA. He has been a member of the ISPOR Board of Directors in the past.

David Macmurchy

David MacMurchy

David MacMurchy is a partner at Ernst & Young in the Advisory Practice. He is responsible for the global advisory work with life science clients and leads the UK and Ireland advisory life science practice.

David has over 15 years of life science experience, working with all of the top 10 global pharmaceutical, diagnostic, vaccines and animal health clients as well as many small and mid-size clients and biotech companies. Throughout his career, David has led many global and country-specific projects, particularly in the USA and Europe. Prior to his current position, he was Vice-President of IMS Health in Switzerland, heading the global relationship with the largest consulting client for IMS.

Caroline van der Meijden

Caroline van der Meijden

Caroline van der Meijden is a senior advisor in pharmacoeconomics at the Dutch Health Care Insurance Board (CVZ). In this position she is responsible for the assessment of dossiers that pharmaceutical companies submit to be eligible for drug reimbursement in the Netherlands. She plays a role in policy development. As such she is currently closely involved with pilots set up in light of performance based and financial arrangements for high cost pharmaceuticals.

Caroline has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and extensive experience with medical biological technologies. She has gained experience in the biotech industry in the design and the monitoring of clinical studies for novel orphan drug entities. Furthermore, she has broadened her knowledge by taking courses in health economics, epidemiology and finance.

Jean Mossman

Jean Mossman

Jean Mossman is an independent healthcare consultant. She works with patient organisations and pharmaceutical companies, with the focus of putting the patient at the heart of healthcare delivery. Jean volunteers as the Policy Lead for the European Brain Council.

As former Chief Executive at CancerBACUP, a cancer information charity, Jean set up its first cancer information drop-in centres in hospitals. She also played a central role in organising clinical research programmes in the UK as Executive Secretary of the UK Coordinating Committee on Cancer Research.

Together with Mary Baker and the London School of Economics and Political Science, Jean developed and delivered training courses for patient groups on health technology assessment.

Silvia Ondategui-Parra

Silvia Ondategui-Parra

Dr Silvia Ondategui-Parra is a partner at Ernst & Young. She is the Leader of Mediterranean Life Sciences and Healthcare and Global Market Access, with a particular focus on performance improvement. She is also a member of the Global Health Industries Leadership Team. Silvia has led numerous projects, including many concerning commercial strategy and business models, product pricing and global launch strategy.

Prior to Ernst & Young, Silvia directed the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector at PwC. She also served as Chief Executive Officer of two private hospitals based in Barcelona.

Silvia keeps her academic affiliation as Assistant Professor at Boston University Medical School and continues to run different research projects with the Economics and Health Research Center (CRES) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

Jackie Palace

Jacqueline Palace

Dr Jacqueline Palace is a consultant neurologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Oxford University Hospital Trust and Oxford University.

She leads the regional multiple sclerosis service and in addition runs a joint national neuromyelitis service and a national congenital myasthenia service. She is the principal investigator for the UK risk sharing scheme; delivering disease-modifying therapies in a cost effective manner over the long term.

Her active research interests and collaborations include clinical treatment trials,  the neuroimmunology of auto-antibody disease, non-conventional imaging studies focusing on neurodegeneration, spinal cord imaging, spectroscopy and pathological correlations, metabolics and biomarkers and in addition genetics. 

Valerie Paris

Valérie Paris

Valérie Paris is an economist in the health division of the OECD, where she has worked since 2005. She has contributed to several projects on health systems’ characteristics and performance and pharmaceutical policies.

Previously, she was a researcher at the French Institute of Research and Information on Health Economics (IRDES), a not-for-profit organisation. She participated in research projects on pharmaceutical policies, physicians’ payment schemes, health accounts and comparative analysis of health systems. She holds a master’s degree in Economics, Statistics and Econometrics from the University of Paris 1-Sorbonne.

Paolo Siviero

Paolo Daniele Siviero

Paolo Siviero is Coordinator of the Economic Strategy and Pharmaceutical Policy area comprising the departments of Pharmaceutical Policy, Pricing and Reimbursement, Medicines Utilization and HTA, and Consultative Bodies Secretariat. 

He is the Head of the Pharmaceutical Policy department of the Italian Medicines Agency, which performs and evaluates studies and research in the pharmaceutical sector.

He has worked with the National Research Council, in particular with the research Institute of neurobiology and molecular medicine, and with the Department of Experimental Medicine and Biochemical Sciences of the University Tor Vergata of Rome. He has also been the CEO of companies dealing with communication and public relations in the health sector.

Andy Stainthorpe

Andrew Stainthorpe

Dr Andrew Stainthorpe joined NICE to set up the unit which reviews patient access schemes in 2010. In addition, he now runs the interventional procedures programme and is setting up the team developing the commissioning through evaluation with NHS England.

Andrew gained a PhD in Biochemistry, and a fellowship at the University of Warwick. Before returning to research as head for the Bristol NHS Research Development Unit, he worked with UK research councils. Specialising in health economics, he has made contributions to many national and international projects in diverse fields including telemedicine, urology, emergency medicine and primary care service delivery.

His interest in research design standards led him to set up and be the first Director of the UK’s Research Integrity Office in 2006 and also set up the European Network for research integrity.

David Taylor

David Taylor

David Taylor has been involved in pharmaceutical and public health policy at the UCL School of Pharmacy since 2001. During this time he has also been Chair of Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and a Non-Executive Director of the Camden Primary Care Trust.

He has published extensively on issues related to health. As Associate Director of Health Studies at the Audit Commission for England and Wales, he wrote the national study ‘Dear to our hearts’, accompanied by the national audit. These were forerunners of the National Service Framework on coronary heart disease. David’s current work includes studies on public health and pharmaceutical policy formation and the future global development of pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry and health care provision.

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