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Beatriz Lorenzo
Director, Latin American Relations
London School of Economics and Political Science

Email: m.b.lorenzo@lse.ac.uk
Tel: +56 9 75114148
Don Carlos 2948, depto.71
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile


LSE Enterprise in Latin America


VilarricaLatin America is enjoying strong growth and positive economic forecasts for the future. The Latin American Economic Outlook 2012 (OECD) recommended that the region implement new policies to enhance competitiveness and economic diversification. OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria says that “Countries enjoying high economic growth should take advantage of the opportunity to make the structural and social reforms necessary to ensure that the growth is sustainable”.

LSE Enterprise brings the academic and practical expertise of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to public and private sector organisations facing such issues. Our advisory and consultancy services are complemented by our range of customised training programmes spanning international political economy, public sector administration, leadership and strategy, change management, finance, marketing and other social sciences for which LSE is renowned.

LSE Enterprise's work in Latin America is directed by our head office in London and represented by Beatriz Lorenzo, based in Santiago.

SantiagoLatest news:

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez – Third cohort at LSE
The Chilean university, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, sent its Executive MBA students to LSE for a third year. During the week-long customised programme, the 57 participants attended lectures on lessons for world trade, communicating with investors, mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets, transatlantic economic relations in the 21st century and economic competitiveness.

ESAN University – Second visit of the year
A new group from ESAN University, Peru, arrived at LSE this month for a Markets in the Global Economy International Study Visit.

Global economy, international relations and geopolitics
It was a pleasure to welcome the Presidentes group from the Universidad de los Andes Colombia last week. The 13 participants attended a one-week programme to expand their knowledge of global economy, international relations and geopolitics. This ‘Presidentes Programme’ featured academics from the Departments of Government and International Relations. The participants were welcomed with a reception by H.E. Mr Néstor Osorio, Ambassador from Colombia to the UK. In […]

Brazil’s economic woes
Carlos Nascimento of LSE Enterprise is featured on Share Radio, discussing Brazil's economic woes

Tecnológico de Monterrey students at LSE Enterprise
Twenty EGADE Business School students have completed their Finance and Global Economy Study visit at LSE, held for the second year. The participants from Mexico came for a one-week programme in which they covered topics such as world trade, international business strategy, corporate finance and strategy, the future of business innovation and global financial markets.

International Study Programme for the Universidad de los Andes
Thirty-four participants from the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia spent a week at LSE to expand their knowledge of global financial markets, communicating with investors, international marketing strategy, power shifts, economic change and the decline of the west.

ITAM – International Political Economy Study Tour
Over 40 students from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) have undertaken the third three-week International Political Economy Study Tour at LSE.

The LSE Global Pensions Programme 2015
Photos from the LSE Global Pensions Programme 2015

LSE Global Pensions Programme opens in Cancún
Carlos Ramirez, President of CONSAR, highlighted the major demographic challenges faced in Mexico for pension funds, and the necessity of providing citizens with choice – but crucially a limited choice – of well-structured options for pension funds.

Financial Markets and Global Economy International Study Visit, ITAM
This ‘Financial Markets and Global Economy International Study Visit’ featured academics from the Departments of International Relations, Management, LSE Enterprise and Finance.

Public-Private Partnerships in Brazil
LSE Enterprise worked with the British Embassy Brasilia to help improve the quality, efficiency and transparency of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Brazil.

Global Economy Study Tour: ESDEN Business School
Last week we had a one-week programme with 45 participants from ESDEN Business School in Spain.

LSE Global Pensions Programme – All speakers confirmed
LSE Enterprise is happy to announce that all the speakers are confirmed for the third Global Pensions Programme, in Cancún.

Markets in the Global Economy International Study Visit, ESAN
This ‘Markets in the Global Economy International Study Visit’ programme featured academics from LSE Enterprise and the Departments of Management and International Relations.

LSE Global Pensions Programme, July 2015
The Global Pensions Programme draws together world-class speakers from Europe and the Americas to address major themes in the industry – pension systems, regulation, asset management and institutional investment issues. It is aimed at regulators, pension fund managers, investment analysts, public policy officials, consultants, academic experts and other pensions professionals from across the globe.

Urban Futures Masterclass: Santiago de Chile Regional Government
Author: Mar Lopez Torro Last week we had a one-week programme with 22 participants from the regional government of different boroughs of Santiago de Chile and from Asociación de Directores de Obra. They were here to expand their knowledge of urban planning, intelligent cities, housing policy, city governance and regeneration projects. This ‘Global Trends, Local Impacts’ programme featured academics from the […]

Chile: building bridges in the international arena – an LSE public lecture
Dr Heraldo Muñoz, Chile's Minister of Foreign Affairs, will give a free LSE public lecture on Thursday 30 April 2015, from 6.30-8pm.

Visiting Colombia
LSE Enterprise team join LSE Director to meet President of Colombia

A vision of city life
Chilean Ministers joined LSE Cities academics for an international public conference, bringing together over a thousand attendees from the private and public sectors to agree the principles for building better cities.

Welcome to the EGADE students from Tech de Monterrey
The students are on a five-day study programme on global financial issues.

ITAM Students – Experiences of studying in London
Over 40 students from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) have undertaken a three-week programme at LSE – the International Political Economy Study Tour. We caught up with the students half way through to see how they getting on, and whether they were enjoying London (the answer is obviously yes). http://media.rawvoice.com/lse_lseenterprise/richmedia.lse.ac.uk/lseenterprise/20140724_internationalPoliticalEconomyITAM.mp4   Would you like to find out more about […]

Report: LSE’s Global Pensions Programme 2014
The group we had from so many Latin American and other countries meant we had great questions for the speakers, and a chance for substantial exchange of perspectives and challenges in the sector.

In the news: LSE Global Pensions Programme
Writing in Diario Las Américas, Pablo Padro calls for the need to urgently rethink current approaches to pensions, warning of the dangers of dogmatic advice from the World Bank, given twenty years ago. As Padro points out, the London School of Economics and Political Science, along with Santander Asset Management and Novaster, have launched the Global Pensions Programme in Miami this week in order to do just that.

Welcome to ITAM students 2014!
We are excited to welcome students from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) to the London School of Economics and Political Science for the second International Political Economy Study Tour.

LSE Review of Books – Falling Inequality in Latin America, Giovanni Cornia (ed.)
[E]ven the greatly unequal Latin American countries saw a process of inequality reduction since the late 1990s that took scholars off guard – from 2000 to 2010 the Gini coefficient declined in 13 of 17 countries. Why? Explaining such a robust and unexpected turn is the theme of Falling Inequality in Latin America, a book edited by Professor of Economics […]

The Global Economy Study Tour: a big hello to ESDEN students
This week, LSE Custom Programmes welcomes 18 MBA students from ESDEN Business School on the inaugural Global Economy Study Tour.

Book launch: Diana Kennedy – My Mexico
Diana Kennedy – known as the ‘Julia Child of Mexican cooking’ – has recently released an updated edition of her most personal book, My Mexico. Originally published in 1998, it contains more than 300 recipes and stories about her journeys around Mexico, and is a reflection of her deep understanding of Mexican food culture. Born in Essex, UK, in 1923, […]

In the news: Solange Bernstein – Chile can learn from the UK pensions reforms
Dr Solange Bernstein, a speaker at the LSE Global Pensions Programme in July 2014, has said that Chile is examining pensions systems in both the UK and Australia with the aim of implementing reforms to encourage low-income workers to save.

Ending the Drug Wars – a report by the Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy
The LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy was convened to produce the most thorough independent economic analysis of the current international drug control strategy ever conducted. The report is available to download in English or Spanish.

LSE Global Pensions Programme: More Speakers Confirmed
The Global Pensions Programme is designed for professionals in the pensions industry and comprises a series of lectures and workshops from world-renowned academics and experts.

LSE welcomes EGAP students from Mexico
Next week, LSE will host a week long study programme for 15 students from the Graduate School of Public Administration and Public Policy (EGAP) at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) in Mexico. Participants, who come from a variety of backgrounds, including governmental departments and large multinationals, will undertake a series of lectures and discussions in order […]

Voting for peace: a nation divided
On 25 May, Colombians voted in the presidential elections yet no president was elected.

Global Pensions Programme: Interview with Dr Diego Valero
In advance of the Global Pensions Programme hosted in Miami this July, we caught up with one of the  speakers, Dr Diego Valero. Dr Valero holds a PhD in Economics and is a professor at the University of Barcelona. In addition, he is Co-Founder and Chairman of Novaster, a pensions consulting company, Vice-President at the SpainSif (Spanish forum for responsible investment) and Vice-President […]

Welcome to the ESAN students – the Markets in the Global Economy programme begins
The programme is of huge significance because we’re able to share some of the interesting insights into financial markets and the consequences of the financial crisis that we had in 2008, and what has continued to be problematic for UK companies, US companies and for companies around the world – Simon Flemington, LSE Enterprise, CEO Today marks the beginning of […]

In the news: Professor Carmelo Mesa, speaker at the Global Pensions Programme
Carmelo Mesa is considered an expert on pensions with a particular focus on Latin America. Professor Emeritus of Economics and Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, his career is impressive: he has acted as a visiting professor, researcher and lecturer in 40 countries, and authored 93 books and 300 articles published in seven languages in 34 countries. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has […]

LSE Executive LLM – register for this September
LSE’s Executive LLM programme provides postgraduate education of an exceptional standard. It offers modules in a broad range of fields including arbitration, human rights and international law, and corporate, commercial and financial law, all taught by leading academics in the UK. Specifically designed for the working professional, the programme is divided into short, intensive teaching blocks that allow part-time study over a […]

Global Pensions Programme 2014 – Nicholas Barr and Solange Bernstein confirmed as speakers
For four days in July, Miami will be the world capital of pensions from the academic point of view.

Enhancing Productivity in Latin America: from subsistence to transformational entrepreneurship
With a high rate of entrepreneurship, Latin America should be a hub for innovation. However, 75% of the region’s entrepreneurs represent enterprises with less than five employees. These micro-businesses have limited potential for growth, yet they employ an astounding 40% of the private sector’s salaried workers.  By contrast, there is a shortage of medium-sized and larger establishments, which in turns […]

LSE Global Pensions Programme, July 2014
We invite you to experience a unique programme of research-led teaching from internationally renowned academics and top practitioners/policy specialists with extensive expertise in pensions research and practice.

For Bogotá’s desplazados, living in a high-risk zone is a very mixed blessing (The Guardian)
 It is becoming increasingly clear that without a bold strategy for fulfilling everyone’s constitutional right to vivienda digna (“decent housing”), risk governance divides the urban population into those whose lives deserve to be protected, and those left to fend for themselves. Dr Austin Zeiderman, who coordinates the Urban Uncertainty project at LSE Cities, writes about los desplazados, ‘the displaced’ in the Santa Viviana neighbourhood […]

Forbes highlights the six stories to watch in Latin America – part two
Last month we summarised part of an article in Forbes highlighting some of the stories about Latin America likely to make the headlines this year. Here is part two; a summary of the second set of stories to watch with up-to-date news and a mention of LSE Mexico Week. The never-ending war on drugs Forbes acknowledges that although drugs are by […]

LSE Review of Books blog post: Political Power and Women’s Representation in Latin America
Schwindt-Bayer’s grasp and command of the existing literature is extensive, and the text is impeccably researched. Schwindt-Bayer seeks to bring sometimes competing earlier explanations together, and apply hypotheses used systematically elsewhere to the understudied Latin American case. Natalie Novick explains Leslie Schwindt-Bayer in her book Political Power and Women’s Representation in Latin America manages to fill an important gap in […]

LSE Mexico Week, co-sponsored by LSE Enterprise, starts 11 March 2014
The 15th annual LSE Mexico Week begins on 11 March bringing together LSE staff, students and alumni, Mexican public figures and artists to talk about politics and policies in Mexico. Hosted by LSE’s Department of Government and in partnership with the LSE Mexican Society, the LSE Alumni Association Mexico and LSE IDEAS, we are expecting up to 25 visiting speakers […]

Forbes highlights the six stories to watch in Latin America – part one
In a recent article, Forbes highlights some of the stories about Latin America likely to make the headlines this year. Despite the reputation of the region continuously growing in global markets, challenges still persist. Here is a short summary of the Forbes article and up-to-date news on the first three stories to watch. Will the decades-long civil unrest come to […]

Erasmus study-abroad expanded to Latin America
Good news for students and academics in Latin America as Reuters reports that the European Union has announced that its Erasmus study-abroad programme will be extended to Latin America. The region has always had opportunities in the programme but the expansion means that Latin Americans will be able to apply for all the grants and scholarships available. To find out […]

LSE Review of Books blog post: Launch of three-part podcast series on Brazil
LSE Review of Books have released the first episode of a three-part podcast series on Brazil. The first part looks at uncovering issues in Rio de Janeiro and features LSE and Brazilian authors discussing their books on Brazil. To listen to the podcast, see the LSE Review of Books blog post.    

Professor Craig Calhoun visits LSE Alumni in Colombia
Professor Craig Calhoun, LSE Director, was recently in Colombia speaking at the Hay Festival and visiting Colombian graduates. The gathering was in Bogota with over 70 LSE Alumni including our very own Adam Austerfield. See the LSE Alumni Colombia Facebook page or KienyKe for more photos.  

LSE Review of Books blog post: Mexico’s Struggle for Public Security
The key questions considered by the authors relate to what is being done, or should be done, not to problems of knowledge. There is no attempt to step back from the perceived imperative of action to think more broadly, conceptually and comparatively about what all of this means. But politicians, the media, the public and many researchers would argue that […]

Governor Tombini gives an insight into Brazil’s economic outlook
On 27 January Governor Alexandre Tombini visited LSE to discuss the current state of the Brazilian economy and perspectives on the future, with a focus on monetary policy. Alexandre Tombini is governor of Banco Central do Brasil, a position he has held since January 2011. Since late 2013, he has been a member of the BIS Board of Directors and […]

Applications are invited for the CAF-LSE Visiting Fellowship in the Politics of the Global South
The LSE International Relations Department is currently accepting applications for a three-month CAF-LSE Visiting Fellowship in the Politics of the Global South. The fellowship is intended to support scholarship related to South-South cooperation, and in particular research related to Latin America in a global context. Find out more and apply.

Poet and political activist Juan Gelman dies age 83
Argentine poet and winner of the 2007 Cervantes Prize, Juan Gelman, passed away this week. He is thought to be one of the greatest authors in Spanish, publishing more than 20 poetry books since 1956, many of which have been translated into 14 languages. Not only is he recognised for his poetry, Gelman began his career as a political activist, […]

Book Review of Media and Politics in Latin America: LSE Review of Books blog post
Whilst fully acknowledging the huge internal and external barriers to radical media reform, Matos remains optimistic that it is achievable. Her idealism, and the unwavering conviction that the media can and must play a major role in the struggle for greater justice, equality and democracy, in Brazil and beyond, is what gives the book much of its force. It is […]

The Rise of the Global South: A public lecture and upcoming conference
The Global South Unit (GSU), based in the International Relations Department at LSE, is holding its first annual CAF-LSE conference on Friday 17 January. The conference, The Rise of the Global South: Towards an Agenda for a New Century, will focus on key international actors from the regions and their perspective on global issues to contribute to understanding the emergence […]

LSE public lecture: Brazil’s Economic Outlook
On 27 January Alexandre Tombini, governor of Banco Central do Brasil will speak at LSE about the current state of the Brazilian economy and perspectives on the future, with a focus on monetary policy. Professor Craig Calhoun will be chairing the event and although the event is free and open to all, a ticket is required and only one ticket […]

From exhibitions and eating, to singing and dancing
To round off our posts for the year, we thought we’d leave you with a short (ish) list of fun Spanish and Latin American events around London to keep you busy over the holiday season… Beyond El Dorado – until 23 March 2014 For a taste of ancient Colombian culture, head to the British Museum before 23 March 2014 for the […]

The hard part is still to come…
This week, Santiago has been filled with celebration by supporters of Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s returning president. The left-wing candidate won the election by a wide margin and addressed the devoted crowds stating that, “…it’s time we moved forward to fulfil the dream we all have, to again believe in ourselves, and to believe that there’s strength in unity”. With many […]

LSE Enterprise Annual Report 2012/13
This year, LSE Enterprise is celebrating 20 years of connecting governments, charities and private sector companies with academics and experts from various LSE departments, research centres, groups and units, within and beyond the School. In the 2012/13 Annual Report, you can find out about some of our continuing work, ranging across consulting, commercial research and customised executive education programmes. Many […]

LSE Alumni in Colombia enjoy their first national reunion
On 27 November, the LSE Alumni Association in Columbia held their first national reunion at the British Ambassador’s residence in Bogota, Colombia. The award ceremony and cocktail reception was sponsored by the British Embassy and LSE Enterprise to honour distinguished alumni of LSE and to help develop activities in the region. Achievements were recognised in various categories including, work within […]

Latin America: Between social realism and magical realism
During the LSE Literary Festival last year, Rolando Bompadre and Matías Néspolo, two renowned Argentinian authors, visited LSE to discuss society and politics in Latin American literature. Rolando Bompadre’s novel, La víspera de los asesinatos, was among the finalists of the 1st Premio Tusquets Editores de Novela. He currently lectures at the University of Aberdeen. Matías Néspolo is well-known for […]

Book Review of Banking on Democracy: LSE Review of Books blog post
The author’s survey of country coverage by the world’s top investment banks finds that 35 economies are regularly covered by brokers, and that only 10 of these countries are emerging economies. In other words, over 120 developing countries, “simply do not exist for global financial market investors,” (p.27). Latin America, however, is extensively covered, and thus presents an excellent opportunity […]

Examining the relations between Latin America and Europe during the Cold War
A symposium on “Latin America and Europe during the Cold War” is due to take place next year at AHILA’s conference in Berlin, 9-13 September 2014. For more information, see the Call for Papers.  

Reunión de la LSE
El pasado martes 15 de octubre, la Asociación de LSE Alumni en Perú se reunió como es su costumbre para intercambiar opiniones y conversar sobre temas claves para la agenda económica del Perú, compartiendo la experiencia y conocimientos ganados en sus estudios y trabajo.

Building relationships with Latin America
MBA students from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile have concluded their week-long study visit to LSE with a reception at the Chilean Ambassador's residence.

LSE Lecture by Michael Palin on BBC1 Brazil Series
The lecture on the making of Michael Palin’s BBC1 Brazil series is a free event open to all, though tickets are required. Visit the LSE web page for more details. Date: Wednesday 6 November 2013 Time: 6.30-8pm Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building Speaker: Michael Palin #LSEBrazil

Upcoming Spanish and Latin American Cultural Events in London
Don Quixote at the Royal Opera House The Royal Ballet is staging the eagerly anticipated Don Quixote from 5 October until 6 November 2013, reworked by the celebrated Cuban dancer, Carlos Acosta. In addition to the stage shows, there will also be a live cinema screening of the performance on 16 October 2013. For further information, please consult the website. BFI […]

Podcast of Felipe Larraín Bascuñán’s talk
The Chilean Minister of Finance spoke at LSE on 11 September 2013 on the 'State of the World Economy: A View from an Emerging Market'. The podcast of this event is now available on the LSE public events site.

Finance and Global Economy for the Universidad ESAN
LSE Enterprise's new custom programme in Finance and Global Economy for the Universidad ESAN will see 15 Peruvian students visiting LSE for a study visit this September.

LSE lecture by Chilean Minister of Finance Felipe Larraín Bascuñán
The lecture State of the World Economy: A View from an Emerging Market is free and open to all – visit the LSE web page for more details. Date: Wednesday 11 September 2013 Time: 6-7.30pm Venue: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House Speaker: Felipe Larraín Bascuñán Chair: Dr Francisco Panizza #LSEChile

The added value of the Pacific Alliance and ‘modular regionalism’ in Latin America: an International Affairs at LSE blog post
The Pacific Alliance looks a reflection and consolidation of changes that have already taken place rather than a driver of change. Gian Luca Gardini analyses Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico’s 2012 Pacific Alliance on the International Affairs at LSE blog.

Adiós ITAM!
Adiós ITAM!

‘Almost unreal’: an ITAM student reflects on her experience at LSE
This summer, I had the opportunity to come to a special summer course held at the London School of Economics and Political Science especially designed for my university.

America’s Blind Spot: Chávez, Oil and US Security: an LSE Review of Books post
Luis Boscán reviews America’s Blind Spot: Chávez, Oil and US Security on the LSE Review of Books blog.

First week at LSE for ITAM students
LSE and ITAM have been talking about collaborating for several years, so we at LSE Enterprise are delighted to be able to deliver the first specially designed programme between the two institutions with a terrific group of young students here at LSE.

Roundtable in Chile
Roundtable with Chile´s top experts in the field of climate change and the environment

Chile and Spain: Facing the Future
LSE Enterprise’s conference in Santiago this month, supported by the Spanish Embassy and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Chile, featured two LSE academics discussing energy and infrastructure in the Chilean context.

The Challenges of Engaged Development in Brazil: Homage to Albert Hirschman and Oscar Niemeyer
See the LSE Events page for details of this free lecture on 13 May, featuring João Carlos Ferraz, vice president of the Brazilian Development Bank.

Guatemala Within the Global Drug Wars: a talk at LSE
See the LSE Ideas site for details of this free public event on 9 May with the Ambassador of Guatemala.

Google Doodle on Mexican singer Chavela Vargas

Short Walks from Bogota: Journeys in the New Colombia
Tom Feiling, an LSE alumnus, will introduce his new book at LSE on the evening of 16 October.

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