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LSE Enterprise welcomes students for the second Global Dimensions Programme
This week 26 final year undergraduates from Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) and sister universities arrived at LSE for the six-month Global Dimensions Programme. The programme is divided into a ten-week academic course and a four-week applied programme in preparation for a 12-week internship at a London company.

El talento en la economía global: post by Juan Luis Manfredi
Read the post about the latest LSE Masterclasses

Valencia: a strategy for economic competitiveness within Europe
LSE collaborated with the Fundación Cañada Blanch, the Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas, the Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios, and Bankia on the workshop, Cómo Puede Competir la Economía Valenciana en el Escenario Europeo?

A plan to tackle youth unemployment
Writing on Nada Es Gratis, Professor Samuel Bentolila and Associate Professor Marcel Jansen recommend policies to deal with the youth unemployment crisis in Spain. They spoke on this subject at the November 2014 IZA World of Labor / CEMFI / LSE Enterprise panel discussion on Tackling Youth Unemployment, alongside Professor Alexander Kritikos and Dr Werner Eichhorst.

Promoting excellence in business
LSE Enterprise and Madrid Excelente have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on sharing the best practices of companies from both countries to improve their competitiveness.

FT article says Rajoy must go if Spain is to confront the threats it faces
Luis Garicano, Professor of Economics and Strategy at LSE, writes about the threats to the Spanish constitutional order from the forces of fragmentation and an anti-modern national populism.

Compass and euros

The Crisis and Local Government: From Austerity to Internationalisation


Book now for the 2 May Catalan Observatory workshops on Public Policy and Austerity: Reshaping the Quest for Efficiency and Internationalising Local Government and Smart City Branding (May 2012)

Chamber of Commerce appointment

'Spain on EU handouts? I don’t see it.'| Adam Austerfield is optimistic about Spain's future on BBC Radio 5 (March 2012)

Meghnad Desai

Asian Giants - a talk by Professor Lord Desai|

Lord Desai in conversation with Adam Austerfield at the Hay Festival, Segovia

LSE Enterprise in Barcelona

Leading the way out of the crisis? The Barcelona solution|  (February 2012)

A public lecture by Antoni Vives, Barcelona's Deputy Mayor for Urban Habitat, and Vicente Guallart, Barcelona's Chief Architect, will take place on 22 February at LSE

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The future of the airline industry |(February 2012)

Antonio Vázquez, Chairman of Iberia, will speak about the future of the airline industry as part of the LSE strategy and leadership in Spain series held by LSE Enterprise and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. All are welcome to the talk and reception, which will take place at LSE on 15 February.

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Latest posts from the LSE Enterprise in Spain blog

  • Visit to Key Forensic Services lab in Coventry
    The programme at LSE makes it possible to compare the British system with that of Kazakhstan, as well as exchange experience and knowledge in the field of forensics for the further improvement of our system.
  • Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement
    The EU is pursuing closer trade and investment cooperation with Japan, which is already a significant trading partner. The two parties are currently negotiating a free trade agreement and the European Commission has commissioned LSE Enterprise to conduct a Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment to feed into these discussions.
  • Bringing a new therapy to market
    Drawing on academic experts from LSE, the company has begun work on a multi-year project with a leading global pharmaceutical company that is developing a new therapy in the area of gastrointestinal medicine.
  • One-day Masterclass on Current Geo-Political Crises
    On Wednesday 21 January, a group of 40 UK government officials attended a one day LSE Custom Programmes masterclass on recent geo-political developments.
  • Programme at LSE as an opportunity to boost your career
    Before travelling to the UK I had heard a lot about the good international reputation of LSE and the success of LSE`s graduates. For this reason, when I was given the grant for a programme abroad, my first choice was LSE.





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