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For the latest consulting, customised executive education and events news from LSE Enterprise, please visit our blog. The most recent posts are below.

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Apply for Empirics of Management: An Academic Excellence Programme at LSE
In collaboration with the Fundación Rafael del Pino, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is offering the chance for 25 young Spanish academics to experience the best of LSE’s world-class teaching and research. Fully funded accommodation and tuition for this four day intensive Empirics of Management Programme are offered on merit by a selection committee.

Global financial situation: Dr José Viñals talks at LSE event in Madrid
On Friday 13 May, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) held a special event in Madrid. It was attended by over 50 top business and policy representatives. Dr José Viñals, Financial Controller and Director of the Capital Markets and Monetary Policy at the IMF, gave a talk on the ´Global Financial Situation´ at the law firm Gómez, Acebo y Pombo.

Marat Pavlikov talks about the LSE Bolashak 2015 – 2016 Custom Programme
Marat Pavlikov is a researcher from the Astana University of Law, Republic of Kazakhstan, whose main area of interest is private forensics. Marat wanted to study on this LSE Bolashak 2015 – 2016 Custom Programme to improve his professional experience, skills and gain new knowledge in forensic science.

LSE Enterprise is recruiting a commercialisation manager
We are seeking a commercialisation manager who will be responsible for the development of new business activity based on the commercial exploitation of the intellectual property created at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Dana Umirova talks about the LSE Bolashak 2015 – 2016 Custom Programme
Dana Umirova is a forensic expert and currently works at the Almaty Forensic Institute, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Dana's main area of expertise is construction merchandising and she chose to study on the LSE Bolashak 2015 – 2016 Custom Programme to improve her professional experience, skills and gain new knowledge in forensic science.

Orazbek Seitkazin talks about the LSE Bolashak 2015 – 2016 Custom Programme
Orazbek Seitkazin is a forensic expert in chemical research, and has travelled from the Central Forensic Institute (Astana), Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan to study on the LSE Bolashak 2015 – 2016 Custom Programme. Orazbek hopes to improve his professional experience in research skills and to improve his knowledge of the forensic system in the UK.

How can we solve the global pensions challenge?
Adam Austerfield of LSE Enterprise and the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain explores the issues facing current pension models. The LSE Global Pensions Programme 2016 will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 4-8 July.

Final report: the Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement
LSE Enterprise has concluded and published the final report of the Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement. The final report gathers valuable information on a broad range of questions, capturing issues that are highly relevant to the ongoing negotiations. These include the economic impact of the agreement in light of other ongoing and concluded agreements the EU and Japan are involved in, in-depth analysis across key sectors, as well as assessment of social, human rights and environmental implications.

Will we live to 100? LSE Masterclass on the ageing population
Will we live to a hundred? This is the question that Michael Murphy, Professor of Demography at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), will be asking at the second in this year's series of LSE Masterclasses hosted at the Fundación Ramón Areces (FRA) in Madrid (23 - 25 May 2016).

What impact could a Brexit have on the HE sector? Should universities get involved in the debate?
Dr Anne Corbett says the higher education sector would suffer cuts to its funding and collaborative research with the EU in the event of a Brexit, with particular threats to science research.

A Brexit roundup
Adam Austerfield, Director of Global Market Development at LSE Enterprise and Regional Vice-President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain was interviewed about the effects of Brexit on UK nationals in Spain. 'In the 1970s, when Britain joined the EU, the trade patterns changed fundamentally and underpinned growth in the 80s and 90s. Existing and new trade links would be affected, and people setting up businesses in Spain might look for trade partners other than the UK.'

LSE Masterclass in Climate Change – After Paris what next?
'Public interest in the topic here in Spain remains high. Rightfully so, as the policies discussed will decide nothing less than the future of our planet.'

Too much choice? Making pensions decisions
Too much choice? LSE pensions expert Professor Nicholas Barr is featured in El Mundo

Brexit’s effect on UK-Spain business
Adam Austerfield, Director of Global Market Development at LSE Enterprise and Regional Vice-President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, spoke at the Chamber’s recent event on the perils of Brexit for both the UK and Spain. He cited a study at the Chamber showing that 78% of its members thought that Britain leaving the EU would affect the British […]

LSE Enterprise – your gateway to LSE’s expertise
Get in touch to find out how we can put LSE’s research into action for your organisation.

Geopolitical insights for UKTI international trade advisors
UKTI approached LSE Enterprise to provide a masterclass on the current global outlook. The two-day sessions held for over 80 participants this March gave geo-political insights and business tools to enhance the advisors' expertise.

Research assistant (Business) required for two-week project
Reporting to the CEO of LSE Enterprise, the postholder will research and develop data to assess the potential for a new UK business venture. This will be a fast initial piece of research with potential to develop other opportunities in the future.

How urban policy choices determine today’s world
In an LSE-British Chamber of Commerce of Spain special event, LSE's Dr Graham Floater spoke at a lunchtime talk on ´Infrastructure, Energy and Technology: the Business of Cities in the 21st Century´ to senior executives from the sector.

What do businesses need from governments
LSE Enterprise associate Dr Robyn Klingler Vidra is interviewed on BBC Business about what businesses need from governments

Apply for the LSE Masterclass in Climate Change and Global Economy
This masterclass will be on Climate Change – After Paris what next?. It will be taught by LSE academics Dr Luca Taschini, Dr Graham Floater and Mr Dimitri Zenghelis, and will focus on the key outcomes and challenges after the Paris Climate Change Conference

LSE staff: take a five minute survey and win a case of wine
We are conducting a survey to assess the experience of LSE academic and administrative staff when working with our consulting team

Measuring the social impact of business
We suggest 'standing on the shoulders' of the existing methodologies by creating a radically transparent platform that encourages society-wide dialogue about the economic and social impact of business activities - known as the External Rate of Return. - Robyn Klingler-Vidra

LSE talk in Bogotá
LSE recently paid a return visit to the Universidad, with over 60 CEOs and Presidents attending at the Gun Club in Bogotá.

Vacancy at LSE Enterprise Ltd: Marketing and communications assistant
Skilled in copywriting and digital technologies? Join LSE Enterprise Ltd as a part-time marketing and communications assistant - three days per week, based in Holborn, £22,000 pro rata.

Helping organisations harness the power of innovative IT technologies
Professor Carsten Sørensen of the Department of Management worked through LSE Enterprise to identify how PA Consulting Group could use IT systems in innovative ways within organisations. Read the case study on the LSE website

Conference: Rethinking regulation and value assessment of medical technologies
The second LSE Summit, to be held in London on 8-9 March, will explore the challenges and opportunities around the regulation and value assessment of medical technologies.

LSE Enterprise welcomes students for the third Global Dimensions Programme
Last week 38 final undergraduate students from top universities in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Turkey arrived at LSE for the six-month Global Dimensions Programme.

How much do British universities need the EU?
Higher education and research do not have a place in David Cameron’s shopping basket of EU renegotiation items. But they are an obvious topic for a higher education institution such as the LSE to take up at a defining moment in Britain’s relationship with Europe.

The benefits of Student Opportunity funding
When you understand the range of positive results that are not measured in widening participation funding – and yet acknowledged – you realise there is much to be done and understood about how social inclusion works in higher education.

Cycling, drugs and house prices: five facts from our UK studies
Five facts: The annual output of London's creative industries has been estimated at up to £25 billion Skilled immigrants affected UK house prices in 2007-11 by less than 1% Someone is stopped and searched for drugs every 58 seconds in England and Wales Cycling generated £2.9 billion for the UK economy in 2010 Early intervention approaches to mental health services could annually save the UK up to £40 million

Last LSE Masterclass in Social Science of 2015
This is a terrific programme pulling together an independent expert from LSE Enterprise talking on Europe, one of the great observers of the American scene reflecting on the US in 2015, and myself challenging the view that the West and the United States are in terminal decline in the so-called Asian century. With an engaged group of senior professionals discussing the major issues of the day, one would be hard pressed to find a more stimulating environment. Professor Michael Cox, LSE IDEAS

European Economy and Finance programme at LSE 2015
The atmosphere at the LSE is highly dynamic and academic discussion is the basis of the education. I have always been interested in politics both at national and European levels and I have very much enjoyed participating in the seminars and sharing opinions with my colleagues and professors.

Hong Kong civil servants graduate from their LSE Custom Programme
The participants studying ‘Global Political Economy and the Role of the Public Sector’ have finished their eleven-week LSE Custom Programme.

Five facts from our consulting projects
95% of youth surveyed in five EU countries are significantly distrustful of politicians – far more than in any other continent 76% of 19-year-olds in South Korea were in tertiary education in 2007, compared to only 29% in the EU19 The combined effect of EU accession and cohesion policy gave the EU12's 2007-9 GDP a 10.6% boost 30 million people globally are unaware that they have dementia The direct cost of diabetes across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK in 2010 was €90 billion

Discussions at Hang Seng Management College in Hong Kong
LSE Enterprise met with the senior faculty and management of HSMC in Hong Kong, continuing discussions about future collaborations in the executive education field.

Sustainable financing of innovative therapies
The LSE-ICL Forum on Medical Innovation on 14 October 2015 brought together experts from a variety of institutions in order to discuss recent developments in value assessment and sustainable financing of medical innovations, and future expectations.

Value framework of innovative medical technologies
Panel 1 consisted of Lord Darzi (Imperial College, UK), Professor McGuire (LSE), Mark Pearson (OECD), Professor Claxton (University of York), John Milligan (Gilead Sciences), Mary Baker (European Brain Council), Isabel de la Mata (European Commission) and Professor Geoff Dusheiko (UCL).

What will be the economic, social and environmental effects of the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement?
The EU-Japan FTA has the potential to contribute substantially to the ‘Trade for All’ strategy of the European Commission and to the goal of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth throughout the EU. It has been a great opportunity for all of us at LSE Enterprise to engage closely with multiple stakeholders to discuss the potential impact of the FTA.

Hong Kong civil servants at LSE
The private seminars are conducted in an interactive manner to enable us to reflect on topics which are most relevant to our work in the Government, such as deregulation and analysis of the policy-making process. We often come across these issues in our work and the classes have afforded us a breathing space to think more deeply about them.

Medical innovation: the LSE-ICL Forum
On Wednesday 14 October 2015 the London School of Economics and Political Science hosted, in partnership with Imperial College London, the Forum on Medical Innovation at the Lincoln Centre in London.

From children’s rights to banking standards – social science in action
From children's rights to banking standards: the LSE Enterprise annual report is out.

Last chance for the LSE Masterclasses in Madrid
Final call for applications for a free place on the final LSE Masterclass in Social Science: Spain, the EU and USA: What future do they have in the new global economy?

Disrupting Mobility: A global summit investigating sustainable futures
The sustainable transformation of both energy and transport systems is a global challenge. The Disrupting Mobility Summit will explore the potential of disruptive technologies and services to enable ubiquitous zero-emissions smart mobility.

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez – Third cohort at LSE
The Chilean university, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, sent its Executive MBA students to LSE for a third year. During the week-long customised programme, the 57 participants attended lectures on lessons for world trade, communicating with investors, mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets, transatlantic economic relations in the 21st century and economic competitiveness.

Cloud computing, disruptive technologies and digital innovation
The composition and dynamic of what was an exceptionally engaging and curious group contributed to the superb feedback we received from participants and academics alike. The next masterclass will be held in December on the topic of Spain, the EU and the USA: What future do they have in the new Global Economy?

Sexual rights and sexual risks among youth online
Children and youth are one of the fastest-growing groups of internet users, bringing them great opportunities – but also new risks. The European Commission-funded children’s rights network eNACSO commissioned LSE’s Professor Sonia Livingstone and colleague Jessica Mason to review current knowledge about children and young people’s developing sexuality in relation to new media environments.

UK competitiveness and the Dragons’ Den effect
This is the sixth consecutive year that LSE Enterprise has partnered with the World Economic Forum to conduct a UK-based executive opinion survey, The Voice of the Business Community. The information gained by Dr Klingler-Vidra and fellow researcher Elitsa Garnizova covered a broad range of variables for which hard data sources are scarce or nonexistent.

Welcoming eight young Basque professionals to LSE
LSE is known by its unique philosophy of teaching from a truly global perspective, surrounded by an entirely international community, so taking part in this programme implies learning and exploring something new every single day.

ESAN University – Second visit of the year
A new group from ESAN University, Peru, arrived at LSE this month for a Markets in the Global Economy International Study Visit.

Apply now: Technology, Business and the Rise of the Machines
The next LSE Masterclass in Social Sciences will take place in Madrid from Monday 26 until Wednesday 28 October. The programme is free, kindly sponsored by Fundación Ramón Areces.

Global economy, international relations and geopolitics
It was a pleasure to welcome the Presidentes group from the Universidad de los Andes Colombia last week. The 13 participants attended a one-week programme to expand their knowledge of global economy, international relations and geopolitics. This ‘Presidentes Programme’ featured academics from the Departments of Government and International Relations. The participants were welcomed with a reception by H.E. Mr Néstor Osorio, Ambassador from Colombia to the UK. In […]

Brazil’s economic woes
Carlos Nascimento of LSE Enterprise is featured on Share Radio, discussing Brazil's economic woes

Innovative medical technologies: an LSE/Imperial College forum
This event is a unique opportunity to bring together clinical expertise, technical innovation and scientific thinking to discuss the latest developments in medical innovation, recent challenges and future prospects. It will be opened by Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham, with presenters including Professor Alistair McGuire and Dr Panos Kanavos of LSE.

Fundación Rafael del Pino – Excellence Programmes
'The vision of Luis Garicano and support of the Fundación Rafael del Pino has combined to make this a high value, high impact programme for the cohort and then for their colleagues and fellow scholars back in Spain.'

Enterprise on the move
We've moved office, but only around the corner. We hope to welcome you soon at 55-56 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LJ. LSE Enterprise works with academics across LSE to undertake consulting, commercial research and customised executive education for governments, public and private sector organisations around the world. To find out more, please visit our website or call us on +44 (0)207 955 7128.

Tecnológico de Monterrey students at LSE Enterprise
Twenty EGADE Business School students have completed their Finance and Global Economy Study visit at LSE, held for the second year. The participants from Mexico came for a one-week programme in which they covered topics such as world trade, international business strategy, corporate finance and strategy, the future of business innovation and global financial markets.

Managerial Accounting programme for students from China
LSE Custom Programmes’ tailored course on Managerial Accounting and Financial Control saw the third cohort of 45 students from China arrive at LSE this summer. Selected for their academic and linguistic abilities, the students covered topics including capital structure, international financial strategy, monetary policy and global regulation, with time for private study and research in the LSE library.

Multiple driving personalities clash on Europe’s roads
LSE and Goodyear are seeking to identify how drivers influence each other’s behaviour on the road. Much of the time we can sit happily in the comfortable bubble of our car, but around any corner we may have to interact with other drivers. This makes the road a challenging and uncertain social environment.

International Study Programme for the Universidad de los Andes
Thirty-four participants from the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia spent a week at LSE to expand their knowledge of global financial markets, communicating with investors, international marketing strategy, power shifts, economic change and the decline of the west.

ITAM – International Political Economy Study Tour
Over 40 students from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) have undertaken the third three-week International Political Economy Study Tour at LSE.

The LSE Global Pensions Programme 2015
Photos from the LSE Global Pensions Programme 2015

IEB Executive Private Banking: Santander Bank
LSE Enterprise has hosted a one-week programme with 26 participants from Santander Bank. They came from around the globe to expand their knowledge on the emerging geopolitical context, investors and policy perspectives, private banking future trends and international financial regulation.

‘Techno-nationalism’ a risk in industrial policy
Offshore wind energy is an attractive option for the UK, but it must make dramatic cost reductions if it is to play a significant part in the long-term energy mix, once the current subsidies are removed. Current government policies send mixed messages that discourage the investments required to innovate and reduce costs.

LSE Global Pensions Programme opens in Cancún
Carlos Ramirez, President of CONSAR, highlighted the major demographic challenges faced in Mexico for pension funds, and the necessity of providing citizens with choice – but crucially a limited choice – of well-structured options for pension funds.

Financial Markets and Global Economy International Study Visit, ITAM
This ‘Financial Markets and Global Economy International Study Visit’ featured academics from the Departments of International Relations, Management, LSE Enterprise and Finance.

Climate Change and the Global Economy Masterclass
With the Paris Conference of the Parties (COP), the most important global climate change convention, only six months away in December, there was unprecedented interest and demand for the 25 places at the Masterclass.

Public-Private Partnerships in Brazil
LSE Enterprise worked with the British Embassy Brasilia to help improve the quality, efficiency and transparency of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Brazil.

Berlin Future Mobility Meetup
We are currently witnessing a paradigm shift. The megatrends of urbanisation, connectivity and digitalisation have had a profound impact on personal mobility, in turn leading to new business models and solutions.

Global Economy Study Tour: ESDEN Business School
Last week we had a one-week programme with 45 participants from ESDEN Business School in Spain.

LSE Summit: Rethinking regulation and value assessment of medical technologies
The LSE Summit: Rethinking regulation and value assessment of medical technologies: challenges and opportunities

LSE Global Pensions Programme – All speakers confirmed
LSE Enterprise is happy to announce that all the speakers are confirmed for the third Global Pensions Programme, in Cancún.

Innovative road safety research
How do drivers influence each other’s behaviour on the road? LSE researchers are undertaking an innovative road safety research project with the tyre company Goodyear to delve deeper into the behaviour of road users across 15 European countries.

Global Dimensions Programme: the internship
The 25 students from the Global Dimensions Programme are currently undertaking a 12-week internship in London. Marta Hernández, Pedro Belda and XiaoJing Ye give us the lowdown on their internship and their experiences.

Why Nations Matter – summary
The talk 'Why Nations Matter' pointed out the importance that nations have in this special period of globalisation and changes. The debate moved quickly to nationalism and specific areas of Catalan interest, with Professor Calhoun reiterating the integrated nature of modern existence.

Researching Children’s Rights Globally in the Digital Age
Professor Sonia Livingstone of LSE's Department of Media and Communications has been working with UNICEF to research how children's rights to provision, protection and participation are being enhanced or undermined in the digital age.

Shaping the Future of Cities: Berliner Zukunftsorte at Metropolitan Solutions 2015
LSE Enterprise Germany developed and delivered a three-day programme focusing on global and local innovation insights at the Zukunftsorte presence at the Metropolitan Solutions exhibition.

Why Nations Matter
LSE, LSE Alumni in Spain and ALSEC (LSE Alumni Association of Catalonia) invite you to a public event with Professor Craig Calhoun, LSE Director, who will deliver a talk on ‘Why Nations Matter'. The event will take place on 11 June at Fundacio Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion, Barcelona, followed by a drinks reception.

Apply for a free LSE Masterclass in Climate Change and Global Economy
The next LSE Masterclass in Social Sciences will take place in Madrid from Monday 6 until Wednesday 8 July. The programme is free, kindly sponsored by the Fundación Ramón Areces.

Bolashak participants graduate from their LSE Custom Programme
Today our group of forensic experts from the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan successfully defended their final essays.

Markets in the Global Economy International Study Visit, ESAN
This ‘Markets in the Global Economy International Study Visit’ programme featured academics from LSE Enterprise and the Departments of Management and International Relations.

The learning experience at LSE
In 2014, I had been working as an employee of the Ministry of Justice, and the opportunity to take a programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science arose. Both they and we are passionate about creating an impact with our knowledge and partnership, which we hope to apply to real challenges.

A library experience
I’m currently studying at LSE on the Bolashak programme with a group from the Forensic Center of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the programme, we had the opportunity to use the unique library of LSE. I want to tell you about it.

First LSE Masterclass in Social Science of 2015
The European economic crisis has threatened to destroy the Union and 2015's first Masterclass, with the Fundación Ramón Areces, focused on the transformation of politics in Europe.

More from LSE on TTIP
Recent research and opinion from around LSE on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

LSE Global Pensions Programme, July 2015
The Global Pensions Programme draws together world-class speakers from Europe and the Americas to address major themes in the industry – pension systems, regulation, asset management and institutional investment issues. It is aimed at regulators, pension fund managers, investment analysts, public policy officials, consultants, academic experts and other pensions professionals from across the globe.

IT and forensics: an LSE study trip
Towards the end of the last year I went to Warsaw and Berlin as a member of the LSE Bolashak group. Our main purpose was to visit the local forensic laboratories: Warsaw Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Berlin Forensic Laboratory of the Police and Sharite's Institute of Legal Medicine & Forensic Sciences.

Greece and the Eurozone: Is Reform Possible?
On Thursday 30 April 2015 the breakfast discussion ‘Greece and the Eurozone – Is Reform Possible?’ was held at the Forum of the Hertie School of Governance. It was organised by LSE Enterprise Germany in cooperation with the Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin.

Scholarships to study European Political Economy and Finance at LSE
A selected group of eight participants from the Basque Country will have the opportunity to undertake an eleven-week programme at LSE this October. This programme will be generously sponsored by Diputación Foral de Bizkaia.

120 years of LSE
A few highlights from the LSE History blog in LSE’s 120th year

Supporting the public sector management reform agenda in Pakistan
On 13-14 April 2015 LSE Custom Programmes delivered a custom workshop in Karachi on ‘Tax, Governance and Public Policy in the Global Context’ to a group of 26 officials from the Sindh Revenue Board.

Visiting Scotland (and searching for Nessie)
I am currently studying at LSE on the Bolashak programme, which is a fantastic opportunity. I am living in the UK and last summer I went to Scotland. I would like to tell you about this experience.

Visiting the Forensic Expertise Centre in Kazakhstan’s MoJ
After seeing the facilities and learning about the work of Kazakhstan’s forensic experts, I was very positive about the Centre’s current position and future prospects. The forensic system faces high demands, and maintaining a leading position requires continuous development, innovation, learning and exchange of best practices.

Urban Futures Masterclass: Santiago de Chile Regional Government
Author: Mar Lopez Torro Last week we had a one-week programme with 22 participants from the regional government of different boroughs of Santiago de Chile and from Asociación de Directores de Obra. They were here to expand their knowledge of urban planning, intelligent cities, housing policy, city governance and regeneration projects. This ‘Global Trends, Local Impacts’ programme featured academics from the […]

Greece and the Eurozone – Is Reform Possible?
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Hertie School of Governance and the Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin hereby cordially invite you to a breakfast discussion on Greece and the Eurozone – Is Reform Possible?

Vaccinating children against flu
An LSE Health report for AstraZeneca, managed by LSE Enterprise, argues in favour for vaccinating children in European countries against influenza.

Ciudadanos: the ‘tortoise’ that may beat the ‘hare’ – a EUROPP blog post
Jose Javier Olivas of LSE argues on the European Politics and Policy blog that while Podemos has received greater media attention, the more moderate and constructive reformist agenda pursued by Ciudadanos is likely to give them a better chance of shaping the actions of future Spanish governments.

The EU, Russia and Ukraine: lessons learned
One lecture of particular interest revolved around the subject of Russo-Western relations, and was titled The EU, Russia and Ukraine: lessons learned. LSE experts debated what the West got wrong in this political crisis, how the sanctions have impacted on the Russian economy and what every country with a stake in the situation should do to stop the fighting in Eastern Ukraine.

Applications open for the first 2015 LSE Masterclass in Social Sciences
The first masterclass is on The Transformation of Politics in Europe. The masterclass will be taught by LSE academics including Professor Simon Hix, Professor Tony Travers and Professor Charlie Beckett.

London Spanish Film Festival
London Spanish Film Festival

A Visit to ‘Forensics: the Anatomy of Crime’
During my nine months living in London, I have visited a lot of interesting exhibitions on various topics. One of them was Forensics: the Anatomy of Crime at the Wellcome Collection. It is devoted to the history of forensic science and medicine.


Richard Wildman

LSE Enterprise welcomes its new chairman, Richard Wildman (December 2014)

'I am really excited to join the LSE Enterprise team and to help build on the strong and successful business in place today.'
Richard Wildman, Chairman, LSE Enterprise Ltd

Holiday chalet

Latest report: The Economic Impact of Holiday Rentals in the UK (December 2014)

In the first comprehensive study measuring the economic impact of the holiday rentals sector in the UK market, Kath Scanlon, Emma Sagor and Professor Christine Whitehead of LSE London estimated that the total spend by holiday rental clients in the UK is over £4.35 billion per year and is responsible for creating over 95,000 jobs nationwide.

LSE Enterprise annual report 2014

LSE Enterprise Annual Report 2013/14 (November 2014)

This year:

  • We worked with 270 LSE colleagues in over 40 departments, centres and research units.
  • Gift aid to LSE will be £1.2 million.
  • Our teaching and consultancy spanned health management, public policy, venture capital, comparative politics, international migration, children’s rights, city planning, European cohesion and more.

Tackling youth unemployment (November 2014)

This event in Madrid with IZA World of Labor and CEMFI will look at best practice in other countries and consider policies to deal with the current situation in Spain.

Reevolucion Urbana

Chile: Reevolucion Urbana (October 2014)

The conference, featuring academics from LSE Cities, was attended by over 1,000 people in Santiago de Chile.


Does Aid Work? (October 2014)

LSE is hosting an IZA World of Labor event on 30 October, featuring talks by Professor Klaus F. Zimmermann, Professor Danny Quah, Emeritus Professor Lord Desai, David A. Robalino and Professor Gianmarco Ottoviano.

WEF report 2014

World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey (September 2014)

LSE Enterprise has partnered with the World Economic Forum for the fifth consecutive year to conduct a UK-based executive opinion survey, The Voice of the Business Community.

EU under microscope

Balance of Competence (September 2014)

LSE Enterprise associate consultant Dr Anne Corbett has submitted evidence to the UK Government’s review of the Balance of Competence between the EU and member states, as it exists under the current Treaty, in relation to education.

Suman student at LSE 2014

Second Programme with Jiangsu Province Universities (August 2014)

A group of 36 Chinese students attended a custom programme about international financial architecture and corporate finance and strategy at LSE.

IARB and LSE event

Symposium on the Future of Banking as a Profession (August 2014)

LSE and the International Academy of Retail Banking (IARB) are hosting a forum to debate the future of banking as a profession, exploring how banks can better serve the public interest.

TXL logo newsbox

Berlin TXL - The Urban Tech Republic (July 2014)

LSE Enterprise is consulting for Berlin TXL - The Urban Tech Republic, a new space for envisioning and designing the future of urban planning strategies and solutions.

global pensions newsbox

LSE Global Pensions Programme (July 2014)

LSE Enterprise, with partners Santander Asset Management (SAM) and the consulting firm Novaster, ran its second edition of the Global Pensions Policy programme in Miami, Florida from 15 -18 July.


Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion of the European Union (July 2014)

Dr Simona Milio acted as the lead academic, on behalf of LSE Enterprise, for the study Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion of the European Union for the European Parliament.

education chart small

Higher Education Entrance Qualifications and Exams in Europe: A Comparison (July 2014)

LSE Enterprise has undertaken a study for the European Parliament into admission systems in ten countries to see how social and economic challenges can be tackled.


Regional Support to Inclusive Education (July 2014)

LSE Enterprise were commissioned by the Council of Europe to conduct a baseline and final survey on inclusive education practices in Southeast Europe.

Astana Monument

Second Bolashak-funded programme is launched at LSE (June 2014)

Following the success of the inaugural Bolashak-funded programme, a bigger group of participants has arrived at LSE to enhance their knowledge and expertise in law and jurisprudence.


Building in the Rented Sector in Scotland - A Report for Homes for Scotland (June 2014)

LSE London and the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research were commissioned by Homes of Scotland to investigate the barriers faced by developers in investing in the private rented sector and to examine how to increase the supply of new homes in this sector.


Sharing the UK's experiences of public private partnerships (May 2014) 

LSE Custom Programmes delivered a project on public private partnerships (PPPs) for a group of Brazilian government officials, to help improve the quality, efficiency and transparency of PPPs in Brazil.

Monitor Globe

The Qatar Supreme Council of Health and LSE launch health economics training programme (May 2014) 

The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) and the London School of Economics (LSE) jointly launched this week a training programme in health economics to familiarise health professionals in Qatar with the national health insurance scheme (Seha).


The Italian Admission System to Higher Education: Quality, Equity and Mobility Issues (April 2014)

The Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) has published an article by Niccolo Durazzi, Deputy Director at LSE Enterprise, analysing the Italian higher education admissions system.

Cornelia Yzer

Future Mobility (March 2014)

Future Mobility, a one-day expert forum jointly hosted by LSE Cities and The Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ), in cooperation with LSE Enterprise Germany, brought together leading experts in future transport and mobility systems from the UK and Germany.


LSE Enterprise wins fourth Foreign Office contract (March 2014)

Over 1,200 participants from across the British foreign service and diplomatic corps have attended the programme to date.


Using mobile data to improve public safety  (March 2014)

Dr Alexander Grous has published a report ahead of the auction of the 700MHz spectrum in the UK. Other countries have found that reserving a portion of the mobile broadband spectrum for emergency services could potentially lead to an improvement in public safety. Dr Grous weighs up the costs and benefits of doing the same in the UK.


Innovation in Higher Education (March 2014)

In an effort to increase our knowledge of how innovation unfolds across the higher education sector, LSE Enterprise and Panteia carried out a study on Innovation in Higher Education funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.

baby hands

Preventonomics: A Better Start – how will it pay? (February 2014)

The Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at LSE has been selected to deliver ‘Preventonomics: A Better Start – how will it pay?’. This is a study of the benefits and potential cost savings of early years’ prevention services and support. It is supported by the Big Lottery Fund’s Fulfilling Lives: A Better Start initiative.


Why experiment with social policy? (January 2014)

Dr Simona Milio of LSE Enterprise and Arnaud Vaganay of the Department of Methodology are speaking at the launch of the new European-based network for Social Policy Analysis for Robust Knowledge (SPARK). The session will cover social policy experimentation - the practice of testing new ideas and policies and collecting evidence about the real impact of measures on people.

The event will take place on 12 February in London. Find out more and book a free place.


Book your place at the LSE Health Summit (January 2014)

The Medical Technology Research Group at LSE Health is hosting a one-day summit on Risk Sharing and Managed Entry Agreements on 14 February. Renowned speakers from national competent authorities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, international organisations, patient representative organisations and academia will debate the latest developments and also reflect on future prospects and policy options.



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