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LSE Custom Programme for the City of Taipei

Branded as the only summer multi-sport event in the world that connects students at both academic and athletic levels, the Universiade is an international sporting and cultural festival second only to the Olympic Games. The City of Taipei won the honour of hosting the 2017 Summer Universiade, and the government of the City of Taipei turned to LSE to structure a customised executive education programme which would share knowledge across a number of key areas relating to urban planning, regeneration and relevant public policy in a wider context, as well as provide information about the London 2012 Olympics experience.    

On 26 July the two-week long customised executive education programme for the government of the City of Taipei was successfully concluded. Attended by 30 participants from across the city’s government departments and functions, the programme included classroom-based lectures and discussions and field visits to the Olympic Park Area, the Department for Culture, Media and Sports and the Cabinet Office, among others. In total 12 academics and experts presented on the programme, incorporating the latest academic research with practitioners’ advice and recommendations.

Mr Philipp Rode, Executive Director of LSE Cities, commented that ‘it has been extremely rewarding to work with our guests from Taipei and to get a sense of how London’s recent development was perceived by the group of city officials. There was a particularly strong interest in the changing socio-demographics in London and how this has impacted on urban living and transport. London’s related strategic planning and policy efforts were discussed in great detail and through multiple disciplinary lenses.’

While the London 2012 Olympics represented a significant module, the programme covered much broader areas such as transport in London and strategies for going green, housing and urban regeneration challenges, local government and value for money in the public sector, and how the London and UK economies addressed their competitive positions during the financial and economic crises. In his closing speech, Mr Ming-Hong Hsieh commented on behalf of the group that ‘we highly appreciate the fantastic lectures given by LSE, which offered us different perspectives, horizons and experiences. It is our honour and pride to be trained at LSE.’

‘This is our 10th customised executive education programme delivery for Taiwanese institutions and organisations since 2006, and the City of Taipei is the newest addition among them,’ said Yury Bikbaev, Director at LSE Enterprise, Custom Programmes. ‘The London Olympics is a valuable experience to learn about, and we are pleased that LSE was chosen to put together a comprehensive programme that can both take a closer look at many specifics surrounding the delivery of major international events and put matters into a wider policy framework of urban planning and economic development. Our expertise is widespread, current and applicable.’

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