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Bolashak scholars at LSE 2012-13: Government Policy Challenges

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Bolashak, which translates from the Kazakh language as ‘Future’, has been Kazakhstan’s testament of importance of investment in education. It allows its best and brightest, via a competitive application and selection process, a chance to study in leading universities around the world. Since 1993, the Government of Kazakhstan has provided full scholarship and bursaries to thousands of students – and since 2011 also researchers and scientists – to undertake study, research and continued education at world-renowned universities and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate the country’s development.

In 2011, LSE Executive Education designed a custom programme for a group of scholars from Kazakhstan who arrived in January 2012 thanks to the Government of Kazakhstan’s Bolashak funding. Eleven Kazakhs spent a year in London, dedicating themselves to the research and study of contemporary issues and debates across a number of topics in social sciences. The scholars’ individual areas of academic interest were united by LSE’s rigorous social science approach and methodology. As one participant commented, “LSE Executive Education programmes can give a unique opportunity for everybody who wants to have an experience of work in one of the best research centres of the world”.

The research-led programme components included private seminars and workshops, the audit of appropriate lectures, regular written assignments, and the attendance of assigned public lectures and events. The shared perspectives of the Bolashak scholars have had a far-reaching impact upon the LSE faculty. Dr Timo Fleckenstein of the Department of Social Policy said: ‘I learned a lot about social policy in Kazakhstan and its society more generally. It was a good experience!’

The programme has fulfilled the aims of the participants and stands out for them as a strong achievement. Jeremey Shipp, Project Manager at LSE Executive Education, describes the programme as extremely successful. 'It has been a pleasure to help bring world-renowned LSE expertise to the participants, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to further build upon their own and their country’s success.’

The programme’s achievements were further highlighted by Sayasat Nurbek, President and Member of the Board, JSC Center for International Programs. ‘The programme has been a resounding success; the true spirit of “Bolashak” has been fulfilled and indeed exceeded. The future of the participants, and the ongoing positive effect of the LSE programme, will surely be writ large in the actions and influences the participants will carry forward into the future throughout their careers.’

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