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BIS Report on the Wider Benefits of Higher Education

The Robbins Report, published in 1963 by a committee chaired by Lord Lionel Robbins, former Professor and Chair of the Court of Governors at LSE, stated that a basic aim of higher education was that it 'should be available for all those who are qualified by the ability and attainment to pursue them and who wish to do so.' The report would set out a great expansion of our higher education system during the late 1960s and early 1970s. As part of the 50th anniversary of the report, BIS commissioned a literature review from LSE Consulting which focuses on assessing the wider benefits and impacts of higher education, which have been outlined in recent research. The 2013 report states that "[...] what is known is that higher education makes considerable social, cultural and economic impact but what is not known sufficiently is how it makes this impact, on whom it makes its impact, when it makes its impact and the different forms which impact takes from an increasingly diverse higher education system. There is a need to know these things in order that a large higher education system can be managed in ways that will promote all of its functions and achieve the greatest benefits for the rest of society. [...]".

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