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Eighth July, nine staff, ten kilometres

LSE Enterprise staff before the raceWhen nine LSE Enterprise staff decided to enter the British 10K London Run only two of the team had ever participated in a competitive race. And they may not have planned for quite such an early start on a rainy Sunday morning. But the Consultancy team, with a couple of colleagues from the Spain and Executive Education sections, all made it to the finish line.

Jeannine describes the experience: ‘Only two of us were runners so this was a real challenge and took two months of training together in the gym. It was a great atmosphere on the day, with 25,000 people racing past all the iconic buildings on the streets of London. After we’d got our medals we went out for a pasta lunch and continued the banter.’

Mike and Niccolo both made it in under an hour, with Mike testing out a barefoot running style and Niccolo finishing in 53 minutes. Meanwhile Simona, who runs 10 kilometres every other day, says that she took part for the pleasure of spending time with colleagues in a different way. ‘I didn’t care about the time but was determined that Elisa and I would finish together without stopping and we did.’. Elisa didn’t have much choice - the race was the main thing she heard about on her first day at LSE Enterprise (and most days after that). ‘It was a fun team experience. I never thought I’d finish, but I’m really happy with my time.’

For Wiebke, who hasn’t raced for eight years, it was an opportunity to get moving again, while Bregtje wanted something to work towards, Usoa thought it would be fun to do something together and Anju signed up for the personal challenge: ‘you set out to do something, you don’t think you can, and we all complained for weeks - but we all finished!’.

The team are busy discussing their next challenge: an October half marathon for charity.

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