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Policies for economic growth in Valencia

Valencia Masterclass 2011The Cañada Blanch Foundation's five-day Valencia Masterclass, run by LSE Enterprise, took place this May in response to demand for an extended course on the financial crisis. Twenty-five experienced public and private sector participants from economic and financial organisations in Valencia attended the course, which explored the past, present and future impacts of the crisis on Spain.

The financial and economic crisis has significantly affected Spain in recent years, illustrating some of the fundamental problems of the growth and dynamics of the Spanish economy. It has impacted regional models of economic development in Spain in radically different ways, and emphasised the need to harness investment in ICT.

LSE academics Dr Daniel Beunza, Dr Vicente Cuñat, Dr Alexander Grous, Professor Andrés Rodríguez Pose and Julius Sen covered topics such as global competition, the efficiency of the financial system, and technology and innovation. They addressed the international, regional and national effects of fiscal consolidation measures, analysing their success, assessing signs of private sector growth and considering what changes in policy direction might be needed in order to revive economic growth in Valencia and Spain as a whole.

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