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Who's in charge?

When Dorling Kindersley Limited contacted us in search of a consultant for Who's in Charge?, a children's book on politics, the right person was at hand. Following his 30 years as a civil servant in India, Julius Sen, Associate Director of LSE Enterprise, trains government officials around the globe and advises numerous governments.



He says 'It's a great challenge to relate political and economic thinking to children's needs. They are less cynical and cannot understand why for some politicians, hanging on to power is more important than actually doing something good. It makes you think carefully about what is important and what is not.

'My favourite part was working on the structure of parliament or an assembly and explaining the difference between the left and right wings in politics. When you look at the content you realise that this is really hard to explain if politicians are to serve the people and not themselves or their ideology.'

ParliamentCovering everything from monarchy to anarchy, the book provides ideas for lobbying politicians, asks what future laws could govern interplanetary relations and illustrates the jigsaw of local politics.

Project Manager Rebecca Limer says that the LSE Enterprise team worked closely with Dorling Kindersley and that the project ran very smoothly. 'I think teaching children about politics is really important and the book is great – especially the section on how to stage a coup! This was a small project with lots of benefits and Dorling Kindersley were great to work with.'