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Nobel Prize institution comes to Asturias

The Cajastur think tank begins its partnership with the reputed London School of Economics to bring expert knowledge to the region.

The best experts bring expert knowledge to Asturias. This is the driving force of the alliance between Cajastur and the London School of Economics, which has produced 13 Nobel Prizewinners. The Asturian Savings Bank has promoted the creation of a think-tank to open up new horizons for Asturia's problems. The LSE was contacted to help to increase the quality of its activities. The first fruits of this partnership are now being reaped: post-graduate scholarships in Economy and Finance for Asturian graduates to round off their studies in what is considered to be the third best Social Science university, behind Harvard and Berkeley.

The economist, Antonio Alvarez Pinilla, head of the Cajastur's think tank, "Economic and Innovation Analysis Unit", met Adam Austerfield, Head of LSE Enterprise projects in Spain. Derek Doyle, the British Consul for the north of Spain and John Woodger, LSE associate, also attended yesterday's meeting. Although the purpose of this meeting was to discuss the scholarship program, the representatives of the prestigious British university were also eager to 'promote and transfer the knowledge of an institution with a significant research component,' said Adam. He also pointed out that his university's vocation was to apply its knowledge. 'We are more than a "think-tank", a "think and do",' he added. This is a practical spirit which also guides the Cajastur think-tank.

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