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  • Yousef Al-Khoei (Al-Khoei Foundation)
  • Giuliano Amato (twice Italian Prime Minister and Vice President of the EU Convention)
  • Jonathan Anderson (UBS)
  • Maha Azzam (Chatham House)


  • Benjamin Barber (Author of Jihad vs McWorld and former Clinton advisor) 
  • Zygmunt Bauman (Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Leeds)
  • Sidney Blumenthal (former senior advisor to President Clinton)
  • Philip Bobbitt (Clinton defence advisor and author of The Shield of Achilles
  • Frits Bolkestein (former European Commissioner for the Internal Market)
  • Chris Brown (LSE Professor of International Relations)
  • Colin Budd (Commission on Racial Equality/ Former UK Ambassador in Holland)
  • Willem Buiter (LSE)
  • Ian Buruma (Henry R Luce Professor of Democracy, Human Rights and Journalism, Bard College)


  • Vincent Cable (Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor) 
  • John Calverley (Standard Chartered)
  • Kim Campbell (former Canadian Prime Minister)
  • Deborah Cass (LSE expert on trade law)
  • Shami Chakrabarti (Liberty)
  • Christine Chinkin (LSE Professor of Law)
  • Lin Chun (LSE)
  • Charles Clarke (Former Home Secretary)
  • Christopher Coker (LSE Professor of International Relations)
  • Tim Congdon (Lombard Street Research)
  • Robert Cooper (EU Director General for External and Politico-Military Affairs) 
  • Michael Cox (LSE Professor of International Relations)
  • Diane Coyle (Enlightenment Economics)


  • Jon Danielsson (LSE)
  • Howard Davies (Director of LSE)
  • Alvaro de Soto (former UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process)
  • Joseph Nye Dean, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard
  • Katerina Dalacoura (Lecturer in International Relations, LSE)
  • Kemal Dervis (former Turkish Finance Minister)
  • Meghnad Desai (House of Lords and LSE)
  • Paul Dolan (Professor of Behavioural Science, LSE)
  • Leo Drollas (Centre for Global Energy Studies)
  • Esther Dyson (EDventure)


  • Mohamed El Erian (Pimco)
  • Bill Emmott (Editor of The Economist)
  • Gerard Errera (French Ambassador to the UK)


  • Richard Falk (Princeton)
  • Jonathan Fenby (China Director at the emerging economies research service, Trusted Sources)
  • Niall Ferguson (Oxford and Harvard, author of Empire)
  • Lawrence Freedman (King's College London)
  • Clara Furse (former CEO of the London Stock Exchange)


  • Ibrahim Gambari (UN Under Secretary-General)
  • Fan Gang (Director, National Economic Research Institute, Beijing)
  • Timothy Garton-Ash (St Anthony's College, Oxford)
  • Conor Gearty (LSE Professor of Law and Matrix Chambers)
  • Anthony Giddens (former Director of LSE)
  • Charles Goodhart (LSE and Bank of England)
  • David Goodhart (Editor of Prospect Magazine)
  • John Gray (LSE Professor of European Thought)
  • Stephen Green (Group Chairman of HSBC)
  • Jeremy Greenstock (former British Envoy to Iraq and Ambassador to the UN)
  • Christopher Greenwood (LSE Professor of Law) 
  • Michael Grubb (The Carbon Trust)
  • General Lord Guthrie (former Chief of the Defence Staff) 


  • Fred Halliday (LSE Professor of International Relations (Middle East)) 
  • David Hannay (House of Lords)
  • Richard Harries (former Bishop of Oxford)
  • Fernando Henrique Cardoso (former President of Brazil)
  • Andrew Hilton (Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation)
  • Michael Howard (Emeritus Professor of War Studies)
  • Geoffrey Howe (Former UK Chancellor and Foreign Secretary)
  • Robert Hunter (former US Ambassador to NATO) 
  • Douglas Hurd (former UK Foreign Secretary)
  • Will Hutton (Chief Executive Officer of The Work Foundation and former Observer editor)


  • John Ikenberry (Princeton)
  • Andrei Illarionov (Cato Institute)


  • Robert Kagan (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
  • Daniel Kahneman (Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Princeton, and Nobel Prize winner
  • Mary Kaldor (LSE Centre for the Study of Global Governance)
  • Anatole Kaletsky (The Times)
  • Dan Kammen (UC Berkeley)
  • John Kay (Financial Times)
  • Helena Kennedy (Doughty St Chambers and House of Lords)
  • Paul Kennedy (Yale / LSE)
  • David Killingray (Goldsmiths College)
  • Paul Krugman (New York Times and Princeton)


  • Norman Lamont (former Chancellor of the Exchequer)
  • Nigel Lawson (Former Chancellor)
  • Mark Leonard (European Council on Foreign Relations)
  • Dominic Lieven (LSE Professor of Russian Government)
  • Anatol Lieven (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
  • Margot Light (LSE Professor of International Relations)
  • Michael Lind (New America Foundation)
  • Bjørn Lomborg (author of  'The Skeptical Environmentalist')

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