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iXXi briefings

ixxiWhat are the prospects for global capitalism?

What mechanisms will combat climate change?

What is the future of the Euro?


LSE Enterprise runs the iXXi briefings, private breakfast conversations chaired by Lord Desai to which around 40 distinguished people are invited. Two speakers| at each session talk for 15 minutes each before the discussion is opened to the group. Renowned LSE experts and prominent people from around the world share their thoughts in private with a diverse group of insightful, influential people. Chatham House Rules apply: opinions expressed may be reported but not attributed.

iXXi, which stands for 9/11, began after the terrorist attacks in 2001. LSE felt there was a demand for immediate intellectual analysis of the changing world.

Over a decade after September 11 2001, the breakfasts remain extremely popular. The focus has broadened to include other areas in which LSE has a special capacity. iXXi is an opportunity to exhibit the School's resources and enables us to reach the eminent leaders of communities with whom the School hopes to engage.