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Christian Thiel
Project manager


Intelligent CityThe Intelligent City Forum facilitates implementation research, technology transfer and product development in key areas of urban transformation such as electric mobility, new energy systems, energy-efficient and smart housing, and smart grids/networks.

It advises both public and private organisations in developing applied transformation strategies and projects that contribute to integrated, sustainable infrastructure development.

In collaboration with its international network of research and industry partners, the Intelligent City Forum supports and evaluates the 'real world' piloting of integrated applications concepts such as electric car sharing, municipal renewable energy management or the smart conversion of historic housing stock.

Intelligent City Forum

  • Global Forum for applied sustainability research
  • International network of sustainable technology and innovation companies
  • Policy Salon
  • Piloting and technology trial platform
  • Knowledge and technology transfer cluster
  • Innovation hub and urban research lab in Berlin


Intelligent City


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