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LSE Global Pensions Programme


Visit www.lseglobalpensions.com to book your place on the 2016 LSE Global Pensions Programme.

The programme will take place in Rio from 4-8 July 2016. 

This four-day interactive Global Pensions Programme is designed for professionals involved in the field of pensions – regulators, pension fund managers and analysts, investment analysts, public policy officials, consultants and academic experts.

Unique in its structure, content and speakers, it will provide a comprehensive overview of pensions systems, regulatory regimes, investment strategies and asset management techniques. The programme has an evolutionary structure, building upon key pension concepts through the latest global developments. In particular, this third edition will disseminate key academic research with practical applications through the 3.5 day programme. Some of the key themes which will be addressed include: 

  • Dissecting how the largest pensions funds invest and what levels of coverage and reduction of old-age poverty are being applied/implemented in a variety of case studies, with special reference to Latin America
  • New pensions funds investment styles, consideration of longevity risks in the profits of pensions funds as well as the advances in new disciplines of behavioural economy and neuro-economics applied to pensions funds
  • The fundamentals of investments, the application of the social responsibility criteria, the basis of corporate governance, the development of voluntary pension savings or pension systems in OECD countries and other regional groups
  •  The role of individuals' pension choices

Participants will experience research-led teaching from internationally renowned academics and top practitioners/policy specialists with extensive expertise in pensions research and practice.

Date: To be confirmed

Venue: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Programme: Fully updated fourth edition for professionals in the industry will be announced shortly

Speakers: Speakers are drawn from academia, the pensions industry and regulatory authorities to provide a multifaceted perspective on global pensions. 2016 line up will be announced shortly

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