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'The first external hire was literally told he would be paid at the end of the month if sufficient money came in, which fortunately it did. In fact the existence of LSE Enterprise provided a hub for many requests which had not yet found a focal point for development. Despite the entrepreneurial nature of its activities, the company has always contributed a regular cash net inflow into the School.’ 
Keith Mackrell, first Chairman of LSE Enterprise

‘Our first two projects were marketing LSE-designed decision analysis software and applying LSE’s expertise in emerging markets to political risk ideas in the City of London. Both those things were quite ahead of their game at the time and no-one thought getting academics to work with business would take off. But what we started 20 years ago has actually become government policy, and the REF means that the impact of academic work in these domains is important.’
Adam Austerfield, now Director of Spanish and Latin American projects