2009 briefings

economics training

Genetics and Healthcare
17 December 2009
Esther Dyson (EDventure) and Nikolas Rose (LSE)

New World Financial Order
9 December 2009
Jon Danielsson (LSE) and Stephen Roach (Morgan Stanley)

British Power
29 October 2009
Stryker McGuire (Newsweek) and Christopher Meyer (former UK ambassador to the US)

China after the crisis
22 October 2009
Jonathan Anderson (UBS) and Mark Leonard (European Council on Foreign Relations)

The Politics of US Foreign Policy
30 June 2009
Speakers: Michael Cox (LSE) and Jacob Weisberg (Slate)

Capitalism in Transition
26 May 2009
Speakers: Edmund Phelps (Columbia) and Paul Woolley (LSE)

Obama and the Muslim World
10 March 2009
Anatol Lieven (Kings College) and Maleeha Lodhi, former Pakistani Ambassador (called to Pakistan; Victoria Schofield stood in)

The Short of It
29 January 2009
John Kay (Financial Times) and Robert Skidelsky (House of Lords/Warwick)